5 Places to Find Inner Peace in the City

Om Namah Shivaya, friends.

Concrete got you down? Sirens and babies aren’t your thing? There’s plenty places for escapism, self-discovery or canoodling within the cityscape of this glorious smoke.


On the edge of an ecological marvel, rising from the former brick making factory in the Don Valley is the aptly named Don Valley Brick Works. You might have visited our street team during their fresh market or ice-skating shenanigans, but we’d also suggest this patio or the brisk walk for an intimate rendezvous to escape the urban congestion– on a budget.

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Home to the resting places of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie, Canada’s first female surgeon Jennie Smillie-Robinson and pianist Glenn Gould, amongst a few thousand others. Serene by definition, its gardens and rolling hills give infinite perspective and peace of mind.

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With gardens inspired by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, views of Lake Ontario and ongoing concert series, eco-friendly programs – it’s an oasis of multiple purpose. During most weekdays, the area is pretty unpopulated. Find a bench and mumble about chocolates.

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One of the most iconic Toronto landmarks has a secret. In late 2009, a green roof was added on top of the concrete giant to welcome Councillors to eat or meditate. Find yourself in the presence of the 6Dad Norm Kelly and at ease, lost in the tranquil environment, without the urge to request a selfie.


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While all of the above might lead you into total relaxation, we can surely insist that there is no better diagnosis for your inner-peace than crate digging to discover an old friend or make new. May we suggest starting somewhere such as June Records, Kops Records, LP’s LPs, Rotate
This, Sonic Boom or Tiny Record Shop. Start with Brian Eno’s Music For Airports. It’s melodic therapy.


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