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5 Porch Party Cocktails for Summer

Summer calls for backyard BBQs, porch parties and all-day dock extravaganzas. There’s no better crowd pleaser than a big-batch cocktail for all to enjoy. These are not your fancy cocktails you’d find down on Ossington. These can be made in bulk to get the job done.

Below are 5 tasty porch party drinks. Follow the recipes or get inspired to concoct your own. Do you have a favourite backyard cocktail? Share it with us in the comments.


The name doesn’t lie – too many of these and you’ll be crawling up your porch at the end of the night. This is a staple drink for the masses.

What you need:
3-5 cans frozen lemonade concentrate
60oz vodka of choice
12 tall cans light beer

How to do it:
Grab your biggest picnic cooler, recycling bin, or large container and pour all the ingredients together, add ice, stir. Some like to substitute the vodka for tequila.


Ah, the beer margarita. Always a satisfying summer choice.

What you need:
6 cups water
4 cans frozen limeade concentrate
40oz tequila
3 bottles of beer
4 limes – wedged

How to do it:
It doesn’t matter what kind of tequila you use for this recipe – they’re all good. Many advocate using Corona or the most Mexican brand of beer you can find at your local beer store. You can also try flipping the beer upside down in each cup.


This one takes a little pre-planning but it’s worth the wait.

What you need:
12 cups water
2 cans frozen orange juice concentrate
2 cans frozen lemonade concentrate
2 cans pineapple juice
1L non-sweetened iced tea
3 cups white sugar
40oz bourbon
2L soda

How to do it:
Combine all ingredients except for the soda in a large container. Divide liquid into many shallow containers and freeze over night. To serve, break up slush with a suitable object, distribute in cubs and top off with soda.


This one always impresses. If you want to get fancy, sugar the rims for a sweet touch.

What you need:
2 pineapples – crushed
1 handful fresh mint – torn off stems
6 limes – juiced
26oz white rum
4L soda

How to do it:
This one’s pretty straight forward – combine all components and enjoy.


Sangria always sounds like a good idea until you’ve been slicing and dicing for an hour. Regardless, it’s delicious and worth the mess (and minor injuries maybe).

What you need:
1 large watermelon – cut into chunks
1 basket strawberries
2 larges oranges – sliced
3 cups peaches – chopped
2 apples – chopped
2 limes – wedged
2-4 bottles of your favourite cheap wine (Matt’s recommendations)
1 cup brandy
2 cups peach schnapps
Splash of soda

How to do it:
Do all your chopping first and toss in large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and let sit for a few hours. Serve with fruit in the cup for a tasty snack.

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