5 Reasons Why You Should Love HAIM

With a new album and world tour, the LA Haim sisters are making waves

I was into Haim as soon as I saw they’re a young pop-rock band made up of sisters who know how to play their instruments and also write their own music. I’ve read more than once that everyone in the music industry wants to be friends with them. If you’ve ever seen an interview you would know why, they remind me of cousins because they have no reservations. That’s my nice way of saying they’re genuine and really dorky.

They will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week so here are 5 reasons why you should love Haim.

#1. Even though their dancing looks like it could easily be professionally choreographed, I’m guessing it’s not.

Este Dance Gif



#2. Danielle played guitar and percussion in Julian Casablancas’ band when he was touring his Phrazes for the Young record.

When Jenny Lewis’s drummer got sick, Danielle Haim was asked to fill in. She came back for Lewis’ next tour, this time to play guitar, and Julian Casablancas came to one of those shows. After seeing the show he asked her to join his band. Two days after finishing the Jenny Lewis tour she started rehearsing with Julian Casablancas.

Julien Casablancas gave Haim some learned advice one day down the road. He said they should disappear and come back in a year with better songs. That’s exactly what they did.

#3. There’s a Twitter account devoted to Este’s Bass Face

Este's Bass Face

#4. Haim were supposed to sing back up vocals for the Arctic Monkeys’ song “Do I Wanna Know“.

Haim had to turn down the offer because they were too busy trying finish their record Days Are Gone. Este said it would have been their biggest dream come true to sing on an Arctic Monkeys record and the day she made the call was maybe the worst day of her life.

#5. Chvrches covered their song Falling.

Haim is currently touring Europe with Phoenix and will also play a show in Vegas at the end of the month with Living Colour and Vampire Weekend. They previously toured with Mumford & Sons and Florence & The Machine. You can catch them at the Kool Haus this May!