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5 Reasons to Check Out Toronto’s Venus Fest This Weekend

Venus Fest is a local Toronto music festival that celebrates feminism in the arts through musical performances by female and non-binary artists. This weekend, from September 20 until September 22, Venus Fest will be promoting awareness around who has access and representation in the arts, especially when it comes to traditional festivals and organizational structures.

Here are five reasons you’ve got to check out Venus Fest this weekend, which takes place at the Mod Club and the Opera House.

It’s a Celebration of Women and Non-Binary artists in Music

The Venus Fest team is promoting inclusivity in festival lineups by building an actual festival that focuses female and non-binary artists. Venus aims to change the way the music industry works by identifying paradigms about who doesn’t have access to performing and breaking down those barriers. Their goal is to not only have female and non-binary artists on stage, but in the audience supporting the music they enjoy.


Catch Headliners Zola Jesus & Bully

Listen to some dark and dreamy tunes by Zola Jesus, who’s been recording her electronically driven music for over a decade. You can also check out Bully, where frontwoman Alicia Bognanno is a rock icon in the making with gritty howls and intricate lyrics that explore the complexity of growth.


There are tons of Amazing Artists

Aside from the killer headliners, there are tons of other talented artists at Venus Fest this year. Polaris Prize finalist, Partner, will hit The Opera House stage on September 22nd with their refreshing twist on classic rock. Another huge highlight of the weekend will be low-fi/dark rap artist, Moor Mother, who will be playing The Mod Club tonight at 11:00pm.


It’s an Inclusive and Loving Community

Since Venus Fest is rooted in feminist values, they are constantly working to create a welcoming and safe environment for all attendies. They welcome all identities in their space, and hope to create an environment that is based on inclusivity, love, and an amazing community. Ultimately, Venus Fest cultivates a fun and creative atmosphere that is respectful of people no matter who they are or where they come from.


It’s a Celebration of Toronto

Last but not least, Venus Fest is a local festival that hopes to celebrate the city it comes from. Vallens’ frontwoman, Robyn Phillips, recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary in Toronto and constantly gets style inspiration from local boutiques. “I really enjoy the ritual of dressing up for the stage and transforming for a show; I am usually wearing something from Chosen Vintage & my favourite perfume from Universal Flowering,” Phillips states. Maylee Todd, who is also performing this weekend, is always looking for fun things to do in the city. Some of her favourite spots to hang out are 187 for live music and Cafe Pamenar for coffee and live music as well.

Tickets are still available at venusfest.net


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