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5 Secret Tim Horton’s Menu Items You Didn’t Know About

What’s life without those little hidden treasures?

Chances are your daily Timmy’s order hasn’t changed much over the years. With new menu items rolling out every season, i’s hard to know what’s worth changing routine for. Some loyal fans did some digging for you and came across secret Tim Horton’s menu items that take your regular order and turn them upside down.

Check them out:

Saturn Timbit

A chocolate Timbit, cut in half with a ring of whipped cream in the middle. This planetary-looking treat is…dare we say, out of this world.


The wish-you-thought-of-this Sandwich

Next time you order a breakfast sandwich make sure to ask them for a hash brown in the middle. It’s a bit of a game-changer.


Chai Tea White Hot Chocolate

Why spend $7 on a chai-tea white hot chocolate when you can order the same thing from Tim Hortons for way cheaper. Ingenious.


The Doughnut Bagel

Doughnuts are pretty much just glazed bagels, so this off-the-menu dish doesn’t seem all that crazy when you really think about it.


“The Gretzky”

Nine sugars and nine creams make up this wild cup of joe. Please call your doctor before ordering.

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