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5 Sexy Indie Music Videos

From indie to hip-hop to country and pop, one theme that songs from all genres have in common is love. It’s no surprise that the music industry sees so many steamy music videos, especially thanks to a little station called MTV. While sexy is subjective, these indie babes are sure to appeal to everyone’s ideals.

Here’s our list of 5 sexy indie music videos. Twerk-free guarantee.

“Paper Girl” by July Talk

Hair pulling, scratching…the sexual chemistry between Peter and Leah is undeniable. Leah’s got some killer dance moves too.

“Indio” by Matt Mays

Surfers, bikinis, beers, and babes. What more do you need in a music video?

“Make It Wit Chu” by Queens Of The Stone Age

This song should be called “Make Out Wit Chu”.

“Born To Die” by Lana Del Rey –

It doesn’t matter what you think about Lana Del Rey, this video is smokin’.

“Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys

Even a doodle can be sexy paired with this after midnight anthem.

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