5 Songs Older Than The Bands Who Perform Them

Some songs are worth making an entire career out of

It can take bands years to write a song that catches the attention of the world, these bands figured it out before they were even formed.


One half of this brother sister duo, Jay, was writing songs for a commercial while working at an ad agency. There were no rules so he decided to try writing electropop songs and “Never Come Down” was one of the songs he came up with. He invited his sister to do the vocals and it turned out so well they decided to start Brave Shores.


This song originated when two of the guys who would eventually form The Neighbourhood were hanging out playing guitar. They casually recorded one of the riffs they were fooling around with, and that riff would later become The Neighbourhood’s first single, “Sweater Weather”. After recording it, the guys thought maybe they should keep making music together as a band.


Dave Grohl was never content being just another drummer in Nirvana and so he wrote music himself, releasing an album in 1992 under the name Late!. In 1994, Nirvana had studio time booked and Kurt Cobain was absent for the most of it. Grohl and Novoselic used the time to work on their own music and “Big Me” and “Exhausted” were a couple of songs from those sessions that eventually made it onto Foo Fighters’ 1995 debut.


Noel Gallagher joined already-formed Oasis in 1991 after they agreed he would have creative control. He had already written a few songs that would end up on their debut Definitely, Maybe, including “Live Forever”.


Black Francis wrote this when he was only 14 or 15. Years later Pixies refused to put it on their first two albums because it sounded too mainstream. Their concerns were obviously valid because it became one of their most commercially successful songs when it was released on Doolittle.