5 Spacey Indie Tracks For The Ages

Zone out to these ambient classics

Ambient music has a time and place no matter what the detractors might say. Whether it’s working on the computer, driving, relaxing alone, or hanging out with a loved one – this genre of music can add an extra layer of meaning to an otherwise banal moment without overpowering it.

Here are five tried and true ambient indie tunes. What’s missing from this list? Let us know in the comments.

Antlers – Kettering

One the best indie releases of 2009 and one the best concept records in recent memory, Antlers’ Hospice is a heartbreaking album full of ambient bedroom recordings. Hard to choose one song, but we’ll go with “Kettering”.

Sigur Ros – Svefn-g-englar

Icelandic dream pop never sounded so good.

Múm – Green Grass Of Tunnel

Don’t let it ever be said that there is only one Icelandic dream-pop band worth listening to.

Album Leaf – The Light

Perhaps a controversial addition, The Album Leaf is sometimes considered to be a one trick pony. Being repeatedly featured on the TV show Scandal might not help its ‘cred’ factor but who cares – it’s classic ambient indie.

Stars of The Lid – Daughters of Quiet Minds

Stars of the Lid began making tape loops in the late nineties and have been known to do weird sound experiments like playing cello in a giant metal cistern for natural reverb effects. While some might find their bowed drones boring, others see the beauty.