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5 Things That Inevitably Happen at Every Music Festival

Music festivals are like their own little worlds, and we’ve come to love visiting them. Here are some things that we’ve noticed happen every time. What did we miss? Tell us in the comments below.

You will spot babies wearing expensive noise cancelling headphones and wonder how cool their parents are.
There is an 80% chance that one of the kid’s parents is a graphic designer. You then wonder why you went to your first show at 14 and how this kid is probably 14 months old.

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A sign / giant beach ball / person on another person’s shoulders will obstruct your view.
We get it. Your sign is hilarious. Now please put it down so that all us shorter folks can enjoy the show too.


You will consider popping a squat / finding a tree to avoid the massive port-a-potty line ups.
Will your friends still want to stand next to you in a massive crowd if you pee your pants? That is a question you never want answered.


You will witness someone watch an entire set through their phone.
No matter how close you are to the stage, you will watch part of the set through someone else’s smartphone. From this, you slowly begin to realize why bands like She & Him or Yeah Yeah Yeahs are quick to ban smartphones at their shows.

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You will buy overpriced drinks and immediately regret it.
Whether it be a watery $9 beer or a fruit with a straw poked into it, you WILL buy it no matter how much you drank prior to entering and no matter how much you promised yourself you wouldn’t.


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