5 things to blow your tax refund on

Tax Refund

It’s tax season, so your tax refund is on the horizon.

Now that you’ve got some extra cash, you can spend it on anything! From flying out on a vacation to learning a new instrument, the opportunities are endless.

So, in honour of tax season, check out 5 things to spend your tax refund on below.

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Festival Tickets

Field Trip Lineup

Tax refund season is every music lover’s dream. When you get your big tax return this year, what better thing to spend it on than tickets to your favourite festival? So many festivals are making their return this year, so they’re sure to be pretty epic. We’ve even got some Canadian ones on the horizon like Osheaga, Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ), and Field Trip.

New Records


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If you’re not able to head out to a festival this summer, you might as well fill your concert void with some new records. Hunt for some hard-to-find releases, from your favourite band’s limited edition 12-inch to a one-off reissue. If you’re looking for some good vinyl scavenging spots in the city, check out our list of 10 essential Toronto record stores here.

A Vacation


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What could be dreamier than blowing your tax refund on a vacation? You’ve worked hard for this cash, so spend it on a well-deserved break! Now that you’ve got a bit of extra spending money in you’re pocket, it’s the perfect time to get away and enjoy some sun and sight-seeing.

A New Instrument


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Always wanted to learn guitar? Feel like you’ve got an inner DJ? Now’s your time. With your hefty new tax return, you might as well purchase that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn to play. Or, if you already know how to play the instrument of your dreams, why not upgrade your gear?

Invest It

Well, finally, there is the responsible option: you could invest it. Let your extra cash grow into even more with your tax refund this year. Then, next year, you’ll have more money to spend and you can treat yourself to something even better.


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