Five Things You Need To Know about Gorillaz “Book of Noodle”

Their new digital booklet

After a long anticipated wait, the Gorillaz are back – and they’re teasing us with a new multimedia story all about their lead guitarist, Noodle.

Although the animated band once ruled the digital world, the group has not maintained any presence on social media. That is, until recently, when creator Damon Albarn and Gorillaz visual artist Jamie Hewlett started an Instagram account and relaunched their official website.

The virtual band, hailing from England was created in 1998, and is made up of four (fictional) animated members: 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs.

Gorillaz have shared the first official work of promotional art over the weekend, calling it The Book of Noodle hinting at the first new music since 2011’s The Fall. Without giving away too much of the story, here are a few things you should know about the new digital booklet.

1. All about noodle:

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As the title suggests, the 12 piece mini-content series discloses the tale of Noodle, the official lead guitarist of Gorillaz. The story describes what happened to the character following the events described in past albums.

2. A continuation of 2010’s Plastic Beach:

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Protagonist Noodle has “drifted away from Plastic Beach” (reference to the band’s 2010 album) and accidentally lets an evil demon to escape from a magical pearl she found. She disguises herself as a geisha in order to defeat the evil plaguing Japan.

3. Battles, shape-shifters and Japanese military:

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Noodle must battle with shapeshifter named Mazuu, as she, along with the 22 other children, were trained with the purpose of fighting as soldiers of the Japanese military and government.

4. Cliffhanger ending:

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Is The Book of Noodle the concept of the new record as well? Since the story leaves off at a very pivotal moment, it is rumoured that the band will continue the audio-visual record to conclude Noodle’s journey.

5. Setting the stage for new 2017 album:

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The whole story leads to the upcoming release of the Gorillaz’ fifth album in early 2017 which was originally set for release this year, but was pushed back. According to the fan Instagram account, gorillaz.namerica, the band’s co-collaborator/animator, Jamie Hewlett, revealed the music was “really fucking special” and “can’t be rushed”.

Intriguing! What are your thoughts on the new multimedia concept? Watch all of the videos down below.