5 Things You Need To Know Today: June 13, 2016

Today's News Highlights!

Candice-squareGet your quick news fix with “5 Things You Need to Know Today”, a daily feature that I’ll be posting on Indie88.com after the Morning Show. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest local and international stories buzzing today.


1. U of T on Lockdown

University of Toronto campus is on lockdown following reports of a suspicious looking man wearing all black and a surgical mask and a back pack was spotted on campus. A second man has been handcuffed but is not the main subject of the investigation. The University is urging students and faculty to stay away from campus.



The Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square was lit in rainbow colours for the victims of the Orlando shooting. A vigil was held here in Toronto at Barbara Hall Park last night. Pride Toronto has announced that they will be reassess security measures to ensure your safety. Approximately fifty people were killed at the gay nightclub Pulse when a single gunmen opened fire at about 2:00am Sunday. It’s the largest mass shooting in US history.



One of the two missing capybaras at the High Park Zoo has been caught and returned to his enclosure. Toronto Wildlife Centre staff lured the big guy into a metal cage with bait. One is still on the loose.



The NDP want the federal government to decriminalize marijuana before they legalize it. Since Trudeau plans to legalize next year, it’s a contradiction to give people a criminal record for something the government has decided is not a crime. They will introduce the motion today.



The Penguins won the Stanley Cup with a 3-1 victory over the Sharks in game 6. It’s a bitter sweet moment for Toronto Leafs fans.


Honourable Mention



Is the world’s ugliest colour enough to make you quit smoking? The greenish brown colour Opaque Couche is now being used on cigarette packaging around the world in the hopes that it will dissuade smokers from lighting up.

Main Image Courtesy of Tamara Cherry via Twitter