5 Things You Need To Know Today: June 3, 2016

Today's News Highlights!

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There is lots to do this weekend. You can catch most of the Indie88 staff at Field Trip, but if you are hungry the Mac & Cheese Festival goes down at Ontario Place. Eastenders can enjoy the Riverside Eats and Beats Fest tomorrow AND the Becel Ride For Heart will close the DVP and Gardiner on Sunday.



Toronto might soon have a hotel tax. That means tourists visiting our fine city might not feel so welcome having to pay an extra tax. Tory says the city need to find new revenues and a hotel tax is just one of many options.



Clif bars and flavoured sunflowers seeds are being added to a listeria recall list. Quaker harvest along with Spitz brand sunflower and now Clif Bars with best before dates between June 6th this year February 23rd 2017 should not be eaten.



Designated vaping zones are coming to Ontario. The government has amended the Smoke Free Ontario Act and a press release about vaping was accidentally sent out. It hasn’t happened yet but when it does there will be a designated vape area away from regular smokers.



The Raptors have reportedly signed Coach Dwayne Casey to a three year, $18 million dollar deal. Casey took over as head coach in 2010. In other Raptors news, Kyle Lowry wrote this letter for Toronto fans and its so sweet.

It still hasn’t sunk in that it’s over.

In October, I boarded a plane with my teammates for training camp with one goal in mind – to be the best team we could be and put ourselves in a position to win an NBA championship.

That mindset never changed, ever. Every single person connected to this team did what they could to try and make that happen…including you, our fans.

From Vancouver – to London – to every city where we proudly wore our jersey, I saw our fans. I always knew we were Canada’s team, but damn … y’all came out with the love and support we needed. Together, we were disruptive. You made basketball fans around the world take notice.

For the second straight year you gave me the privilege of starting in the NBA All-Star Game. Being able to do so with DeMar … at home … well, it’s an experience that will stay with us forever. The love you showed me is something I tried to reciprocate every time I hit the floor. From our opening game, to Jurassic Park, to the chants well after the final horn in Game 6 … you were heard.

Words alone will never be able to truly express the feelings I have for you.

Today, I’ll take a moment to reflect on the positives – and there were many. I’m proud of what we accomplished, but like you, I’m not satisfied.

-Kyle Lowry