5 Things You Need To Know Today: March 15, 2016

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1. Safe Injection Sites

Toronto’s Board of Health has three locations they want to turn into safe injection sites. The move would allow people to take illegal drugs while supervised by a nurse to prevent overdoses. Listen below to how safe injection sites workfrom Dr. Mark Bonta on the Morning After, or read more here.

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2. Police Involved Fatal Shooting

Police aren’t saying much after fatally shooting a man near Leslie subway station yesterday. The police say that the 21 year old man was armed but his family says that’s unlikely. The Special Investigation Unit is investigating.


(Photo by Joseph Morris via Flickr)


3. Terror Attack

The attack on two Canadian Armed Forces members at a recruitment centre in North York yesterday is being investigated as a terror attack. A 27 year old man has been taken into custody.


4. Drake Trash Talks at Raptors Game

The Raptors lost to the Bulls at the ACC last night. Drake was at the game and he trash talked a Bulls player with 25 seconds left forcing the Bulls guard into a 5 second violation.


5. Free Pot

A man in BC is giving away free pot seeds for your spring garden. The former NDP candidate is doing it to put pressure on the Feds to legalize. Visit overgrowcanada.com to apply for the seeds.

Me and a big bag of marijuana seeds!OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT!

Posted by Dana Larsen on Friday, February 26, 2016