5 Things You Need To Know Today: March 16, 2016

Today's News Higlights

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1. Welcome to ‘TORONO’!

The 2nd ‘T’ on the 3D TORONTO sign at Nathan Phillips Square is burnt out. Many Torontonians are hoping the city takes their time fixing it.


2. Dog Attack

Animal Services found the dogs and the owner responsible for killing a 14 year old Dachshund in Centennial Park. The four Cane Corso’s were off leash when they attacked, while the 46 year-old owner just walked away after the attack. He is facing charges.


(Photo by Brent Moore via Flickr)


3. Ketchup Kerfuffle

Loblaws will restock French’s Ketchup after a social media outcry. The tomatoes come from Leamington, Ontario. The company was taking it off shelves due to poor sales.

FRENCH'S are creating jobs for Canadians while Loblaws/Heinz are taking away jobs from Canadians.CALL AND COMPLAIN NOW !! Customer Relations Centre:Toll Free 1-800-296-2332 (Ontario)Toll Free 1-800-567-8683 (Quebec)

Posted by John Tard on Monday, March 14, 2016


4. Instagram Changes Algorithm

Instagram will start showing pictures by relevance first. No more chronological order. Facebook recently introduced a similar algorithm. Many Instagrammers are not fans of the decision.


(Photo courtesy Static Pexels)


5. Tolls on the Gardiner

Tolls on the Gardiner and DVP are up for discussion again. The city is looking for proposals on how to implement them. The report is due back at council on April 11th.


(Photo by Allen McGregor via Flickr)