5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do On Snapchat

The chat option offers a variety of cool features.

Snapchat has really maintained an excellent reputation for being awesome this past year. From ever-changing filters to geotags, Snapchat knows how to connect us all on the coolest level.

Well there’s a lot more you can do on Snapchat than use that puppy filter. Snapchat has a range of features you can use outside of the camera section of the app. In the chat section there are about 5 cool features that you can use and we’re about to reveal them all to you.

1. Send your location

When you type in your location into chat it links your address in box that leads you straight to Apple Maps or Google Maps.


2. Snapchat shows relevant stickers based on your message

Snapchat has a feature built into chat that it selects the most relevant stickers you could use according to your message. This is really helpful because Snapchat has more than a hundred stickers to choose from!

To find a sticker, simply type in a keyword in chat and hit the smily face on the right. The stickers that appear first are the ones most related to the keywords typed.


3. View and share links within app

When you send a link within chat, you can open the browser link within the app so you don’t have to leave Snapchat. Once you’re done viewing the link, tap the down arrow and it will navigate you back to Snapchat!


6. Know when someone is in the chat at the same time as you

The new chat update still allows you to see when someone is also in the chat at the same time as you, but with a new button. The signal is now a big smiley face emoji in the bottom left of the screen. Now you no longer have to be confused as to why a random emoji keeps popping it’s head in and out of your chat…


7. Share photos, text and stickers while on video call

While you are video chatting you can share photos, text and stickers. When you decide to share something, the photo, text or sticker will briefly appear on the video and then slowly fade away.

Keep the awesome coming, Snapchat!

(Main photo by Adam Przezdziek via Flickr)