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5 Toronto Apps You Should Be Using

Navigating life in the city has never been so easy! Here are 5 apps that you should be using as Torontonians.


While opinions are divided on the best apps at your fingertips for navigating the TTC, Rocket Man is undeniably prized for its appeal to clinch decision makers. Some of the other options available surpass it with their inclusivity and intuitive design (Transit App lets you map out adventures that reach beyond the city, even integrating nearby Uber cars into its listings; the Android-exclusive Transit Now Toronto offers features like alarms that alert you to your destination), but where Rocket Man excels is in its inclusion of seconds in its bus and streetcar ETAs – and as we head for colder temperatures, we know how precious those seconds can be.



Apps like Hurrier, Just-Eat and Orderit changed the way Toronto ordered delivery, but they left something to be desired from our experiences with takeout. Enter Ritual: an order placing and payment application geared toward urban professionals downtown Toronto. Working with businesses in the Discovery District, King West, Liberty Village, St Lawrence Market, Yonge and Dundas, and Yorkville, Ritual allows users to get the most out of their time outs from work by letting them pay for their takeout ahead of their arrival, at no additional cost. As orders are being prepared, the app sends push notifications that help users plan when to pick it up, and when everything’s ready, you walk past the line to the counter, and staff will hand you your purchase without so much as a signature.



Chance encounters with police officers out on carding missions can quickly become dangerous, complicated and compromising, even if you’ve done nothing illegal. That makes Legalswipe, a new app launched by aspiring lawyer Christien Levien a powerful anti-oppression tool. Culling from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s guide for citizens dealing with police, Levien’s app helps users navigate common scenarios involving police requests for identification, search, entry to your home, or simply making inquiries, suggesting word-for-word responses to police solicitations based on the information you provide to it via swipes and taps. The app also includes a feature that allows users to film their confrontations and send their recordings directly to their Dropbox accounts, working around situations wherein phones are confiscated or damaged in their interactions.



Doubly appealing to your revenge instinct and the greater good, this whistleblower app makes reporting illegally parked cars clogging up roads, blocking driveways, and crowding bike lanes a streamlined process. Users simply take a picture of an offending vehicle using the app and it’s sent directly to TowIt’s website, instantly alerting parking authorities to the problem.

Wherever you are in the world you can download on iOS or Android and start reporting right away!

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Improving on its existing platform, Toronto digital flyer and coupon aggregate Flipp released version 3.0 of its app last month. Still offering users the ability to scour discounts at over 800 local retailers, the update adds new features that allow consumers to access the app as a portal for seamless comparison shopping, now with the ability to tap on products to price match against what other retailers’ flyers are offering, for instance.

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