5 Types Of Fans You’ll Find At The Game

Which one are you?

I go to a ridiculous amount of sporting events and going to all these games has finally come in handy. I’ve been able to pinpoint the five types of fans you will find at a game. Doesn’t matter which sport, you’re all the same.

So which one are you?

1. The Social Media Freak Fan.

This human cares less about the game itself and more about letting the world know that they’re at the game. They’ve Facebooked, they’ve Tweeted, they’ve Instagramed, they’ve Snapchatted, they’ve checked in on Foursquare (is that still a thing?), people know they are sporting it up real good.

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2. The Significant Other Fan.

This person can be a man or women; but the important thing is that they are being dragged along by their partner who LOVES sports. They may think it’s an adorable date, but usually it’s one person thinking, “I can check off date night and watch sports at the same time!”


3. The Ready To Learn Fan.

This could be the little kiddie’s first big sporting event, or someone a little older who just realized, “hey, maybe I do like sports!” Either way, they may not know all the rules or names of the players but they are excited to be there. Cut them some slack!

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4. The All Business Fan.

You’ll find this chap sitting in the best seats possible, wearing a nice suit and drinking a beverage that costs more than your ticket. They have no idea what the score is and couldn’t care less about being at a game that other fans would kill to attend. This fellow also misses the best parts of the game because they’re busy schmoozing at the bar.

5. The Die-Hard Fan.

This fan usually doesn’t have the best seats, or if they do, they don’t stop talking about how great they are. They’ve been counting down the days for this big game for months and nothing stops them from having a good time. You’ll notice they are head to toe in their favourite team’s gear and they’re constantly spewing out facts. They are pretty chatty and love making new friends.

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