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5 Underrated St. Lawrence Market Eats

Tired of the same humdrum lunch? Too set in your ways to branch out and try a slice of something new and exciting (and oftentimes way cheap)? The iconic St. Lawrence Market is not just a pretty façade on Front Street that serves as a backdrop to your Sunday morning hangover shuffle. It’s more than just a place to buy fancy cheeses and bulk candy. It is also alive with dedicated, old-world chefs and food experts who LOVE to feed people. The next time you’re in the area (or come specially), get inspired: everyone raves about the peameal sandwich, but chow down on these underrated, mouth-watering alternatives.

Raw Tacos – Cruda Café (Lower Level B1)

Overwhelmed or intimidated by the Market’s lengthy meat and cheese options? Then be sure to visit this delightful oasis of guilt-free, heart healthy items. While Cruda Café may be widely known for their juice cleanses, they’ve also manage to put together an out-of-this-world menu of solids, specifically the raw taco: guacamole, refried no-beans, dairy-free sour cream, and salsa—all on a dehydrated tortilla. Definitely a home run.


Porchetta on a Bun – The Sausage King by Olliffe (Upper Level 44)

The Gundy brothers search high and low for the freshest ingredients with which to season their various cuts of antibiotic and hormone-free meats (all of which can be found at their Summerhill and Leslieville retail locations). However, it’s the Italian Porchetta, a moist, boneless cut of pork that manages to draw the carnivorous crowds to this popular booth.


Perogies – European Delight (Lower Level B6)

The charming Bella and Boris of European Delight are on hand at the Market each and every day, serving up excellent Ukrainian-based foods from Bella’s time-honoured recipes. Though the cabbage rolls and latkes are a cut above the rest, it’s the perogies, available in a variety of fillings that cements this couple’s legendary status.


Veal Parmigiana – Carousel Bakery (Upper Level 42)

Resting snugly at its home for more than thirty years, this booth is almost as famous as the delectable baked goods churned out on a daily basis—chief among them: The World Famous Peameal Sandwich! However, for those looking for something a little less Canadian, try this overshadowed Italian delight. Some say it stacks up better than bacon.


Fish Sandwich – Buster’s Sea Cove (Upper Level 33)

Be sure to cast off your line for a briny delight at the landmark Buster’s Sea Cove booth, a fantastic, recently revamped landmark spot for fresh fish of all types. You’ve probably tried their lobster roll by now so for something a little out of the ordinary, the folks here have dreamed up a variety of unconventional pieces (tilapia, mahi-mahi, swordfish) and slapped them on a gourmet bun, creating a specialty sammie for the seafood lover in you. Make a meal and pair it with hand-cut fries or homemade lobster bisque.


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