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5 Ways to Tour Toronto

Whether you’ve lived in Toronto your whole life or only a few years, there’s always more to explore. With culturally rich neighbourhoods, countless galleries, historical buildings and much more, being a tourist of Toronto never gets boring. Here are 5 ways to get to know Toronto this summer:

Foodies on Foot

Tours are about 3 hours long, and some would say pricey ($69). What happens is they focus on a certain area of the city, and give you an in-depth tour as well as a lot of food. Features, such as the 501 Street Car Tour and Kensington Tour, have been big hits and the upcoming “Secret Menus & Side streets Tour” looks promising. Think of it as a sexy and more adventuresome spin on “dinner date.” People who like exploring while eating will also like The Social Feed.


Jane’s Walks
Jane Jacobs was the famous American/Canadian urbanist with a great love of Toronto, and Jane’s Walks, created in her memory, are a hit among the (proudly!) nerdy urban enthusiasts in this city. A spring time affair, this year the event included over 130 different strolls in the city.


Steam Whistle Brewery
Steamwhistle does “one thing really, really well”, which means you’ll have a lot of samples of the same kind of beer during your tour. Not a problem, just be forewarned. You’ll be walking through the beer creation part of the historical roundhouse (by the Rogers Centre), so learning will be had. Tours cost between $10 and $26 and are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Book ahead of time.


Queen West Art Crawl
“Crawl” is just a word locals use for “tour” amiright? Anyway, the Queen West one happens the weekend of September 13-14 and spans QSW from Bathurst to Roncy , peaking with the outdoor art show in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Also worthy are the various Toronto Art Crawls and the Junction Design Crawl.


ROM Walks
For the purists who don’t want food or beer or buying things or any of that other crap on their tours, there are ROM Walks. Yes. Cultured. The ROM offers 38 walks in ten neighborhoods, it’s free, and hell you don’t even have to give advance notice. Just show up.


There are always a couple other ones that show up randomly. The cupcake biking tour sounded boss, but alas it was only a one-time thing. Toronto Urban Adventures has some fun looking ones (pork tour?). And then there are scavenger hunts…because scavenger hunts are active and fun tours, basically.

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