50 Things to Love About Toronto: 10-1

What we love about this great city.

While the rest of the country may have resentment towards us Torontonians from time to time, we have nothing but pride for our city. Our music, arts & culture, fashion, compassion and world-class innovation are just a few of the things that make our city special.

Although this is a numbered list, it is not intended to be a definitive ranking. It was designed to provide entertainment and elicit some spirited debate, so read up and let us know your thoughts! (Full list here)

10. Gord Downie

“Thank you, Toronto. Thank you forever,” were the words uttered by extraordinary Toronto resident Gord Downie after playing two back-to-back shows as part of the Hip’s Man Machine Poem farewell tour. The heart-breaking news of Downie’s terminal brain cancer broke in May and the city has shown nothing but love and admiration for the Hip’s lead singer and his battle.

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9. Toronto Island

Hitch a ride to the Toronto Island for an escape from the bustling city — because it’s nice to getaway every now and then. Bask in the sun at the clothing optional beach, bike around the many trails and even sip a tall can in complete serenity. We suggest packing a picnic for two and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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8. Our eclectic dining scene

Toronto lays claim to an immense selection of dining options. Name a cuisine, we’ve got it. Whether you’re looking for the best in vegetarian and vegan, game-meat sausages, good old fashioned comfort food, or unique spins on classics, you will not be disappointed in pursuit of whatever it is you’re looking for in Toronto.

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7. Sandy Hudson and Janaya Khan

Black Lives Matter co-founders Sandy Hudson and Janaya Khan have initiated change where others have been too comfortable remaining silent. Shutting down major city intersections, halting the Pride Parade, and protesting in front of police stations has proven to be an effective form of disruption. Black Lives Matter has the power to give a voice to marginalized communities and bring the institutionalized violence against the black community to the forefront in order to make a change.


6. Pride

When your country’s leaders march in YOUR city’s annual Pride Parade, you know you’re something special. With the official induction of the first-ever Canada Pride Month, we couldn’t be happier! The cast of #OITNB, world-renowned drag queens, and even drag icon RuPaul were just a few names to grace the festivities this year. The LGBTQ+ community and its allies know how to make the annual party a banger for all!

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5. Support for immigrants, refugees, and first generation people

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has uprooted nearly 4.7 million families fleeing their homes to seek safety in dozens of other countries. Canada has pledged to accept more than 10,000 refugees over the next three years to aid in the crisis. Just recently, over 400 Syrian refugees had gathered in Toronto to celebrate the Port Lands.


4. A clean city

Did you know that when filming CBS’ Night Heat Director Sonny Grosso ordered a massive pile of garbage to make Toronto’s clean streets look more like New York City’s? Apparently when the film crew went on lunch break, they found that the city’s sanitation engineers had cleaned it up already! True story.

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3. A Multi-cultural City

“The most diverse city in the world” at least according to a recent study published by the BBC. And it’s true (but not officially)! With 51 per cent of our city’s population born to another country, Toronto accepts all people with open arms.

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2. Our Great Neighbourhoods

You’re not a true Torontonian if you don’t know all of our neighborhoods off by heart. Shop trendy bars in Parkdale, get your tan on at The Beaches or enter another world in Kensington Market. It’s really yours to discover. Most of the city’s great neighbourhoods are easily accessible via public transit.

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1. Music City

With the city’s seemingly never-ending run of festivals, some of the industry’s most respected artists, and the coolest labels like Dine Alone, Arts & Crafts, and Paper Bag all calling Toronto home, Toronto boasts one of the world’s best music scenes. The recent news of some smaller venues closing is cause for concern but with so much local talent, a thriving live scene, and a passionate local industry – we believe Toronto will remain a leader in the global music scene for years to come.

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The Beach on Centre Island, Toronto Islands by Josh Evnin (CC BY-SA 2.0)