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56 New ‘Progressive Emojis’ Coming Next Year

Oh, the power of the emoji.

How is it that we once communicated, via text, without expressing our important thoughts through winky faces, an embarrassed monkey covering his eyes, or smiling cartoon poop?

But guys, the world is different now, and us millennials who have trouble corresponding with one-another using actual words are sick and tired of our emoji selection being so right-wing friendly. In other words: we need a breastfeeding emoji, and we need it now!

Unicode has just signed off on 56 new ones emojis, many of which highlight the world’s social progress. The two big standout stars that have been added are the “Person With Headscarf” (hijab) and “Breast-Feeding” icons – hear that Trump? Suckle on that!

But those very liberal icons will also bring with them a face vomiting, people practising yoga, broccoli, and a head exploding – obviously.

Though, not everyone was happy with the new update..

See the full list of new emojis, here, and let us know what you think!

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