6 Beginner guitar tips from James Bay

Take some tips from man himself

English singer-songwriter James Bay knows a thing or two about playing the guitar. After releasing his debut album Chaos and the Calm, garnering critical appraise and landing him a spot on Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour, it’s fair to say he’s spent a solid amount of time with his guitar. Recently he stopped by Buzzfeed’s NYC headquarters to talk tips about starting up playing guitar. He points out fundamental concepts that any musician starting up should learn. Check out the list below!

Your fingers are going to hurt

“Callouses are your friend. Your fingers are going to hurt a lot, for a long time. The pain will go and the pain will come back and you’ll think it will never go again. For a long time you just feel like it’s never-ending agony.”

You’re going to suck at first — embrace it.


Artistic expression is more important than technical skills.

“Go in blind! Less is more in a million different ways.”

There are a lot of ways to learn; choose the one that’s right for you.

“I just used my ears.”

Practice, practice, practice!


Patience is a virtue.

Check out the entire list over at Buzzfeed.

(All images courtesy of Jon Premosch via Buzzfeed)