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6 foods and drinks worth travelling for

The best part of any travel itinerary is planning where you’ll enjoy an authentic meal from the country it originates from.

Perhaps it’s a placebo effect, but pesto just tastes better when you’re sitting outside the Trevi Fountain knowing the ingredients were grown and handmade from Italy, right? There are particular food and drinks worth travelling for and below we have narrowed down six destinations if you’re looking to take your taste buds on an adventure.

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Portugal: Pastel de Nata

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When you arrive in Portugal you just have to bite into a fluffy, sweet pastel de nata. These custard tarts feature a rich egg nestled in a crispy pastry, and when you sprinkle icing sugar on top, you’re not going to be able to eat just one. You can find these baked treats at any grocery store or bakery, but it’s better when you can make them alongside a local who can show you how their family has made them for hundreds of years.

Italy: Pesto

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Originally from the northern region of Italy, pesto traditionally consists of crushed garlic, basil and pine nuts, blended with Parmesan cheese and olive oil. The authentic sauce is versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes, such as in salad dressings, dips or (the best choice) pasta.

Germany: Vegan Beer

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Berlin’s local Pilsner beer has been vegan-friendly since the 16th century and is a must try when you visit. The vegan aspect historically comes from the purity law in Germany (it still exists today!), which was introduced in 1516 allowing for only hops, water, and later yeast as ingredients. The law aimed at preventing crops used to make bread from becoming limited on brewing, which means vegans can enjoy a stein without ingredients commonly found in non-German beers, such as gelatin or isinglass (a by-product of the fishing industry).

Thailand: Pad Thai

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This stir-fry noodle dish is a popular street food across Thailand and traditionally made with rice noodles, eggs, tofu, fish sauce, dried shrimp and served with lime wedges, coriander and a sprinkle of peanuts. The best way to experience this national dish of Thailand is to order it from a night market so you can smell the fresh ingredients being prepared right in front of you.

Colombia: Coffee

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Colombia has a place called Zona Cafetera, otherwise known as the coffee zone. This area produces some of the tastiest, most iconic coffee in the world. You can even visit a coffee farm for a chance to spend time with farmers, pickers, and locals to chat with them and see for yourself how these world-class roasted beans are a way of life for the region.

India: Chapati

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Chapati, also known as roti, is a salty, soft dough and the perfect dipping companion for spicy dishes India is known for, such as curries, chutneys and dals. It’s best when freshly made off the griddle and wrapped around a melody of tasty fillings, making for a yummy treat, especially if you are on the go.

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