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6 Gym-less Ways to Get Fit in Toronto

We can’t all be “gym people”. That’s cool. No judgment. But there are a lot of beer-fests in this city and sometimes, upon reflection, physical activity can seem like a good idea. With that in mind, behold the product of much shrewd thought and intrepid travel, a list of the best non-gym options for Toronto folk:

The Stairs at Wallace

Steep-as-hell, the Wallace footbridge connects Wallace Ave. to Dundas St. W over train tracks. Part of the West Toronto Railpath, there’s a ramp to help you take your bike up and over with you, if you happen to have one on you. It’s more fun than the elliptical and with a much better view than most gyms can promise.

Toronto Donut Ride

But maybe you’re pretty intense, the kind of person who lives for physical activity and open air, happiest when the two combine to form a perfect salad of fitness. The Donut Ride is for you, and don’t let the friendly sounding name fool you. An informal cycling group that runs every weekend (plus holidays) is made of a pack of about 100 other cyclists just like you, but prepare yourself little soldier, they’re known for being pretty unforgiving, typically reaching speeds of up to 50km.

Toronto Bicycling Network

Not everyone who likes to drive a bike is insane and packs the muscled thighs of Vin Diesel. Enter the Toronto Bicycling Network. The largest recreational cycling club in Toronto, it organizes ride for people of all levels and it’s only $5 to drop in.

Evergreen Brick Works Hikes

Ok, maybe you don’t ride a bike. That’s ok, not everyone does. And maybe you don’t want to jog. That’s a respectable stance. The Evergreen Brick Works organizes hikes (for the low, low price of a suggested $5 donation) and with moderate slopes and wooded paths, it’s a good option (however, you do have to register ahead of time.)

Rock Oasis

Rock climbing is one of those activities that’s a hard-ass work out cunningly disguised as a social activity. Rock Oasis has a pretty strong rep in Toronto, so it’s worth a try if you’re into this kind of thing. Located at 388 Carlaw, its 60ft wall has earned it some big fans, but throughout the internet, the staff is praised for being well-trained, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Toronto Adventures

These guys organize stuff like kayaking down the Don River, or snowshoeing across the Toronto Island. Toronto Adventures are the people who consistently come up with entertaining outdoor activities, year round.

Walk Up Yonge ‘till You Drop

If nothing on this list works for you, fine. Walk up Yonge Street. It’s plenty long enough. Or chase your most athletic friend across the Bloor Viaduct. Who needs a gym pass?

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