6 Local Apps You Should be Using

By Torontonians, for Torontonians

Out of the 1.5 million apps to choose from, there are a few that are changing the game right here in Toronto. From an app to prevent hanger to the “Uber for concerts”, these are 6 local apps that every Torontonian should be using. Check out our previous list of must-have local apps here.


Jukely is a service that provides users with access to guest lists to concerts and parties across 17 cities. The app, which is free to download, provides a list of concerts and parties, as well as playlists for upcoming events. A monthly membership fee is required to use Jukely’s guest list feature, which gets you into a ton of shows for free.

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This app is perfect for those coffee-drinking-risk-takers who may or may not get stuck in line grabbing a caffeine boost between classes. The initial concept behind Hangry is to allow students to pre-order and pre-pay for food on campus. Much like the Starbucks app, Hangry also allows you to earn redeemable rewards for every dollar you spend.

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Ever wonder where to fill up your water bottle in the city? Quench provides a map of every water bottle refill location and drinking fountain in the GTA. This app is ideal during hot summer days in the city, and also makes it a lot easier for those to use reusable water bottles—it’s great for the environment!



Giftagram takes sending fruit baskets to a whole new level. This app allows its user to send gifts to people using an inventory of local and international retail brands. You just shop, pick an item, and hit send. Mailing addresses are not required—all you need is a phone number or email address, and once you pick a gift, its recipient receives a notification and fills in their desired shipping address. The best part? You don’t have to use the app to gift items to people—feel free to shop for yourself.

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Jiffy on Demand

This unique Toronto app connects homeowners with service providers, from home repairs to auto services. With a similar idea to Uber, Jiffy provides an extensive list of maintenance services and clear prices and sends an employee to your home. This app is great for students living in the city who might need anything from pest control and junk removal to plumbing services and tire changes.


Toronto Cycling

The reasoning behind the Toronto Cycling app is to not to only allow cyclists to plan routes and map trips, but to take that data and use it to improve cycling routes in Toronto. This app offers GPS route mapping, stats during trips (including average, current, and max speeds during trips), calories burned, drinking water stations in the city, road restrictions, greenhouse gas offset information, and bike share locations and availability.

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