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6 of the Most Outrageous Cover Bands

Some music aficionados consider the cover band to be the sincerest form of flattery; others tend to adopt a less enthusiastic stance. However, like the inevitability of death and taxes, if there is a stage, the tribute artist will find it. From the bizarre, the underrated, the over-the-top, and the just plain awful. We know there is a ton of untapped magic out there. Leave your most or least favourite cover band in the comments below.



Photo via GayC/Dc‘s Facebook

This Los Angeles outfit formed, quite simply, in a gay bar in 2013. Since then, they’ve earned some legitimate praise from rock critics across California, and reached, in a short period, the status of lipstick legends. In addition to AC/DC, this glittery five-some also cover the likes of Alice Cooper, G.G. Allin, Freddie Mercury, and Lady Bunny.



Photo via Krammpstein‘s Facebook

Hailing from the rockin’-est side of west mainland Europe, these Austrian stage gods owe their licks and chops to iconic German metalheads Rammstein. However, what sets this outrageous tribute band apart from their influencers and contemporaries, is the over-the-top conceptualization, which includes horns, pelts, and masks,–specifically, the mask of Austrian Alpine demon, Krampus.

Okilly Dokilly


Photo via Okilly Dokilly‘s Facebook

Yep! A hardcore metal (or Ned-al) group styled after one of the least stylish characters in animation history. Each member of this Phoenix, AZ band performs to packed audiences dressed as Ned Flanders, resulting in one of the raddest, baddest, (saddest?) tributes on the scene. Most shocking? The music is surprisingly okilly dokilly.


Neutral Uke Hotel


A simple band, with a simple mission statement: “amass obsessed fans of Neutral Milk Hotel in one room for a live performance of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.” But, you know, with ukulele. What originally seemed like a gimmick has spawned a modestly successful tour, and a possible full-length recording of original material. NUH hasn’t been active on their social media sites since mid 2015, –here’s hoping that they are currently hard at work.


No Way Sis

In the mid-90’s, at the height of Britpop mania, this Oasis tribute band played sold out arena shows, toured extensively through Europe, and even earned the praise of Noel Gallagher, who coined them “the second best band in the world.” Just before the dawn of the 2000’s, the Scottish outfit disbanded. Their successful 1996 EP, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (#27 on the UK charts) is highly sought after by collectors.


A photo posted by Skadonna (@skadonna) on

The “Material Girl”—-with a twist of ska (because why not?) This California tribute band—who describe themselves as “like Madonna, only skankier”—picked a pretty big act to follow. However, judging from the onstage antics, the costumes, and a determined lead singer, superstardom seems just within reach.



Though not technically a cover band, this little-known “supergroup” is internet famous for what has been called the worst cover ever recorded. Watch their unique interpretation of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” Trainwreck, or creative genius? You decide.

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