6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Beck

6 random facts to add to your Beck repertoire

Californian pop-innovator, Beck will be performing at the Sony Centre for Performing Arts this Friday. His first record in 6 years, Morning Phase, came out this year, so here are 6 random things you may not have known about Beck.

1. He’s been recovering from a pretty serious spinal chord injury; it was so bad he says he wrote his 2008 album Modern Guilt on a toy guitar because it made holding an instrument extremely painful. He also said he couldn’t sing from his diaphragm, only from his neck.


2. Beck said in a 1994 Rolling Stone interview that a year before “Loser” was huge he was living in a shed with a bunch of rats behind a house in Downtown LA with zero possibilities. He was working at a video store doing things like alphabetizing the pornography section for minimum wage.

Young Beck

3. It’s had been a long time since we heard Beck rap, then he did this song with Childish Gambino.


4. He’s married to Marissa Ribisi who is Cynthia Dunn from Dazed & Confused. Marissa is the twin sister of Giovanni Ribisi. Their son was delivered by Beck’s mother (I’m not sure if that’s weird or not, it seems weird?).


5. Beck once said the first record he ever bought may have been the soundtrack to the Olivia Newton-John movie Xanadu. I get it.


6. His first public performances were on the bus. He said he’d get on the bus and start playing Mississippi John Hurt with improvised lyrics while some drunk guy would yell at him calling him Axl Rose.


***Bonus Fact (because 7 facts wouldn’t work with the 6 year thing): Beck’s dad David Richard Campbell played the viola and arranged some strings on his 1999 album Midnight Vultures. He also arranged the strings on Sea Change in 2002 and did the same for Morning Phase.