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6 Exhibitions You Can’t Miss at Nuit Blanche 2015

Nuit Blanche is returning to Toronto for it’s 10th annual festival on October 3rd, from 7pm to 7am, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

The free festivals boasts more than 110 projects by an estimated 400 artists, so it’s safe to safe that you might not be able to make it to everything in the short 12 hour life-span of the art festival. We’re here to help! Here’s our’s picks for Top 6 Nuit Blanche Exhibitions you can’t miss.

Beaufort 4: Lava Field No. 2, 2015

American artist Robert Wysocki is literally going to create a lava field. Wysocki’s lava field is made from customized coke-fired cupola, which generates temperatures upwards of 1800°C. The process has taken 5 years of experimentation to simulate a real-life mobile volcano, and well, it’s peaked our interest. You can check out the exhibit at 51 Dockside drive, right in the parking lot North of George Brown. View the first test of the project below.


Light Cave, 2014

The light cave, created by FriendswithYou is a self described “living structure, pulsing with energy, light, and breath, [and] will unify the viewers under its canopy”. Need we say more? The colourful, stand-alone sculpture is like the Ripley’s Aquarium of pulsating colour and light. Go to 150 York St (Drake One Fifty) to experience this piece.


Inside Out: Face to Face to Face, 2015

As a part of Black and White Night, curated by artist JR, is an interactive media installation happening at 100 Queens St West. This is the very first time that Inside Out has come to Canada, and reportedly has already traveled to more than 120 countries around the world. Torontonians are invited to participate by having their portrait taken in the photo booth that is situated in Nathan Phillips Square. Portraits will projected onto the twin towers of City Hall. You can view the trailer below.


Beaufort 3: Glaciology, 2013/2015

This exhibit features The Anandam DanceTheatre performing a 12 hour long performance that captures the movement of glaciers over time. Choreographed by Brandy Leary, and set to audio by James Bunton, we’re interested in how this human sculpture is going to depict the erosion and movement of our landscape. The project will begin at 369 Lake Shore Boulevard East, and end in the vicinity of Queens Quay to Lower Simcoe Street. You can listen to the sound track below:


Les Bosquets, 2015

This film installation takes place at 234 Bay Street, and is another one of JR‘s works. It is based on the story of Ladj Ly and the ballet Les Bosquets. You can view the official trailer below.


Shoes That Line The Lane, 2015

Created by Cyril Williams, this art exhibit is an interactive installation that expands upon the practice of hanging shoes on telephone wires to commemorate a particular moment, or memory. The exhibition is (very fittingly) being installed outside of the Beta Shoe Museum at 327 Bloor Street West. Visitors are encouraged to hang up a pair of laced shoes with a memory written directly on the sole.


(Photo by Dave Shea via Flickr)


Bonus Tip: The TTC has extended all night service to two of the subway lines. The Yonge-University-Spadina subway will be available all night from Downsview to Finch, and the Bloor-Danforth subway will also be up and running all night from Kipling to Kennedy.

(Image taken from Cy Williams’ Website)

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