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7 Amazing Waterfalls Near Toronto Everyone Has To See

Toronto Is The Low Key Land Of Waterfalls

If you’re looking for waterfalls near Toronto, you’re not the only one.

With so much emphasis on digital media these days, more and more people are making time to get into nature. And one of the most stunning, awe-inspiring bits of nature is the waterfall.

We’re so lucky, because Toronto is low-key the land of waterfalls! They’re all over the place, often coupled with other beautiful attractions nearby.

How many Waterfalls Exist In The Ontario Region?

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @raeyasadventures on Instagram

Do you know that “waterfalling” is a thing? When exploring waterfalls near Toronto, you’ll quickly find out that there are lots in the area. So much so, that a term has been coined for visiting all of them: waterfalling. It’s a verb now.

There are around 33 waterfalls in the Ontario region. You can get a full list of them here, with all the details if you’d like to get into waterfalling yourself. They’re located all over the province, and to be fair, many of them are small.

But small can still be a remarkable experience!

7 Amazing Waterfalls Near Toronto Everyone Has To See

1) Albion Falls

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @tourismhamilton on Instagram

One of the most popular waterfalls in the province of Ontario, Albion Falls is famous for so much, and known for such beauty.

Among all the waterfalls near Toronto, this one is unique because it’s basically in a square shape. Almost as wide as it is tall, the falls at Albion are also known as a “cascade”

Click the link above to get directions there, and enjoy literally some of the most gorgeous fall colours you’ll ever see.

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2) Belfountain Falls

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @irfan_merza on Instagram

Viewing this gorgeous waterfall involves also walking the suspension bridge that hangs over the rapids. Standing over the river gorge, you can catch breathtaking views of this manmade waterfall.

Just make sure you make reservations to get into the conservation area! That’s where the waterfall is, along with the ornamental gardens and all the exquisite beauty of this park.

3) Ball’s Falls

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @visit_niagara on Instagram

Ball’s Falls are small, but punchy nonetheless. Just look at all those different streams! In fact, among Ontario waterfalls, this tiny-but-mighty attraction is known for having some of the best trails and historic buildings.

Get away for the day, and immerse yourself in nature. The trails here are all nice and wide, and they’re not super challenging. It’s basically an easy amble through the woods to some beautiful waterfalls. Enjoy!

4) Devil’s Punchbowl

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @travellusionists on Instagram

Devil’s Punchbowl is one of the best waterfall hikes near Toronto. The trails are adventurous, and the view of the waterfall in the punchbowl itself is very unique. There are actually two falls, Upper and Lower Punchbowl Falls.

The main, Upper Falls is known as a “ribbon waterfall”, and the Lower Falls is a classic waterfall which is about 5.5 metres wide.

The rocks running along the Niagara Escarpment can really only be viewed like that from the Punchbowl. This is a super unique and adventurous waterfall near Toronto.

5) Beamer Falls

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @marshallslackphoto on Instagram

Beamer Falls is an all-in-one waterfall experience. You get the waterfalls, of course. However, you’re also in for a great hike and absolutely stunning autumn sights when you visit this destination waterfall.

One of the beauties about Beamer Falls is that it’s one of the only wheelchair-accessible hikes with viewing platforms. The gentle rolling waterfall and the incredible views will not disappoint.

6) Canterbury Falls

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @tourismhamilton on Instagram

Canterbury Falls is accessible by going on a little climb to the bottom of some rocks, which is intimidating and exhilarating. The whole area – not to mention the hike to get there – is gorgeous and filled with vistas and natural wonder.

Pro tip: If you’re climbing down to the base of the waterfall, bring some extra socks with you as yours will likely get soaked from the rocks.

7) Chedoke Falls

waterfalls near toronto
Image: @jamie.voronoff on Instagram

Unlike a lot of the waterfalls near Toronto, this one is accessible 24 hours a day. Chedoke Falls is a famous spot to just sit and listen. Yes, it may sound strange, but it’s a very enlivening and meditative experience. 

There are a lot of stairs to climb at this park, so be ready for that with some good shoes. Plus, due to climber injuries, a lot of the waterfalls in the area are fenced off. Chedoke is still accessible, but it’s a little tricky. We dug up this article for you from a local guide which will show you the way to these beautiful waterfalls.

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