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7 Apps That Allow You To Be Completely Anonymous

Social media is an omnipresent force. Absolutely no one is immune to the drug and, in fact, most of us have multiple addictions. The list of networking services that keep us linked to our friends and family is long. But what about those all-important moments when we want to interact and share with the same people—anonymously? When you don’t want to spill the beans about a friend’s secret or speak truthfully about another friend’s new (horrible) haircut, but you’ve just got to get it out? Or when you want to report an issue or vent a frustration without leaving a digital footprint? That’s when you click on one of the hundreds of anonymous apps in the world of mobile connectivity. Keep in the know, without letting anyone know. Here are some of the most popular anonymous apps.


Whether your goal is to deliberately send confusing SMS text messages to your friends for a laugh, or if discretion is so important that you can’t call them on the phone (for fear of wiretapping), Mustache is the app for you.


Billed as the best place to express oneself online, this popular FREE app allows users to post anonymous secret messages on top of macro images. This move encourages other users to reach out and respond to your secret and, if engaging enough, launch into private, name-free, no holds barred chat.


A private online forum without real names, numbers or fear of judgment, Cloaq offers a completely anonymous world in which to share stories, start topics, discuss events and make new, coded connections.


An innovative program and potentially lifesaving initiative, this app allows users to know—without arousing suspicion—when their teen or loved one is or has been texting while driving. There are still some legalities and privacy concerns to settle back at head office, but all in all, a great tool for an alarming new trend.

Hire My Friend

LinkedIn is so 2008! With Hire My Friend, those looking to climb the corporate ladder are asked to create acompletely anonymous profile (only location, skills and desired position are public), get their most trusted friends and colleagues to endorse them, and, hopefully, impressed headhunters and job recruiters should come knocking…

20 Day Stranger

Exchange your exciting, everyday experiences with a total stranger from somewhere else in the world, while each of you maintain anonymity, opting instead for an intimate, imagination-based partnership in an effort to better understand the lives of others.
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