7 Impressive Caves To Explore Near Toronto


We’ve recommended everything from music to beaches to visit – as spring is on the horizon, it’s about time we recommend some caves! Believe it or not, Ontario has some equally damp, dark and beautiful caves to explore as the rest of the world does.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a look at our list of impressive caves near Toronto. Next step, plan a trip to go out and explore one! Please be careful!

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Hell Holes Nature Trail

Centreville, ON

This Hell Hole may appear as though it’s about to swallow you up, however, these caves are actually quite spacious in width and are all under 30 feet deep. No need to worry about feeling claustrophobic, as there’s tons of room to explore!


Scenic Caves Adventures

Collingwood, ON

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At the top of Blue Mountain lies 10,000 – 20,000 year old Scenic Caves. This spot includes gorgeous trails, a suspension bridge and zip lining. However, the site is particularly popular due to its accessible caverns, one of which is 70 feet deep!

Bonnechere Caves

Eganville, Ontario

This deep and dark cave system is one you’ll have to be guided through. Make sure you’ve got a solid flash on your camera so you can capture its water-hewn rock formations and ample fossils! The tourist destination has been a popular spot for over a half a century.


Eramosa Karst

Hamilton, ON

This time-worn terrain features waterfalls and streams, and only takes about an hour to get to! The caverns aren’t as deep as the other ones we’ve listed, however there are tons of nooks and crannies to explore.

Warsaw Caves

Douro-Dummer, ON

Roughly two hours from Toronto, this conservation area has seven caverns to spelunk – two of which you have to enter feet first (Cave’s #3 and #4). Though they are family-friendly and are not a challenge for moderately fit individuals, the fact that you can explore them without a designated tour guide makes the trip all the more adventurous.


Tyendinaga Caves

Belleville, ON

Tyendinaga is the oldest natural cavern in the province and contains fossils older than your great, great, great, great grandpa. Make sure to pack a sweater, as the temperature in these caverns can get pretty chilly!


Griegs Caves

Niagara Escarpment

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Besides a beautiful view, Greig’s Caves offers the largest limestone caverns in the province. These resulted from “powerful waves” which created holes during the last Ice Age. The space was also used as a set for the ’80s film Quest For Fire. Don’t forget to bring your flashlight, and maybe a pair of binoculars to this gorgeous spot!
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