7 incredibly unique Airbnb rentals that will make you want to pack your bags right now

You won't believe it until you see it.

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A few years ago most people didn’t even know that Airbnb existed. Now it’s the go-to travel buddy for many travellers all over the world. With affordable listings in a wide range of accommodation types, Airbnb is not only a good idea financially but it also provides travellers with a guest-host relationship that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Not to mention that the types of places you can rent range from luxurious to quaint to just plain bizarre. Here are seven unique Airbnb listings that will awaken your inner travel bug.

Yellowstone Tipi (Montanta)

Only 10 minutes from Yellowstone National Park, this quiet secluded location boasts uninterrupted views of nature’s playground. With this rental you’d be sleeping in a tipi, which I imagine is a lot like tenting except way cooler. Plus, each tipi comes equipped with cots, sleeping bags, pillows, towels and a lantern. The space is large enough to fit four people comfortably.

Price (all prices in Canadian dollars): $150 per night

Cabana Floripa: The glass cabin (Brazil)

A condominium art house that combines four houses—the walls made from glass and bottles—on a plot of 5000 sq. metres, this rental lets visitors literally stay in a work of art. The colourful home was built using material from the demolition of other houses in the area. If that’s not cool enough, a beautiful beach is right nearby known for its crystal clear waters and strong waves, which are perfect for surfing.

Price: $62 per night

Elqui Domos Astronomic Hotel (Chile)

One of seven astronomic hotels worldwide and the only one in the South Hemisphere, Elqui Domos is a dream come true for those that like to fall asleep under a blanket of stars. The rooms are geodesic domes with a two-story layout. The first floor has a living room and a bathroom and the second floor has a bedroom with a detachable roof—perfect for stargazing. While you’re at Elqui Domos you can take part in many of the activities they have to offer. Specialized astronomic tours and nighttime horseback rides are your guide to the sky.

Price: $260 per night

The Boot (New Zealand)

Located between two national parks and nestled within a grove of hazelnut trees, this two-story cottage already sounds like the perfect bed and breakfast. But it also happens to be a gigantic boot—breathing life into an old Mother Goose nursery rhyme. Meals are served using organic produce and guests can even wander the paths of the 2.4-hectare garden.

Price: $263 per night

Nature Bungalow (Thailand)

For only 70 bucks this is probably one of the best experiences money can buy. The Chai Lai Orchid Lodge consists of a hut with a traditional grass roof, mini bar and private patio. However, since the hut is surrounded by hill tribes and an elephant reserve, guests get to spend their days hanging out with elephants—even playing with, feeding and bathing them. The area also boasts plenty of trails, which lead to secret waterfalls and other hidden gems unreachable by car. Many of the elephants in surrounding areas are forced to work for tourist dollars—the Chai Lai Orchid lodge does not support this and has created a campaign to rescue these elephants. As a bonus, by staying at this lodge your money will go to helping free the elephants and bring them into an environment where they are not used as a source of human entertainment.

Price: $69 per night

Seashell house (Mexico)

Located on a cliff on a tiny island, this house is perfect for the beach bum who loves the beach but hates the tourists. There’s a great beach 15 minutes away on one side and a snorkel park on the other. Plus, you get to stay in a giant shell.

Price: $342 per night

Secluded Treehouse (Georgia)

This place is a fairytale dream—complete with whimsical lights and antique furnishings. The treehouse consists of three separate rooms each connected by rope bridges. There is a balcony that overlooks an acre of lush greenery and a hammock that lies beneath a 150-year-old pine tree. This place is the ultimate escape within city confines. You can hush the sounds of a bustling metropolis and instead listen to birds, frogs and the wind in the trees.

Price: $480 per night

Written by: Jessica Beuker