7 music podcasts you need to listen to this month

Podcasts hosted by celebrities and musicians who just love music

While listening to some of your favourite tunes is a great way to satisfy your music cravings, podcasts are another awesome tool to help you enjoy music on a deeper level.

There are so many music podcasts out there, so it can be pretty tough to sift through them all and find the right one for you. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of a handful of music podcasts you should check out this month. From Song Exploder to Heart Shaped Pod, here are some rad podcasts to get you started.

Check out 7 music podcasts you need to listen to this month below.

R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE:ME? – Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman

Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation and Scott Aukerman from Comedy Bang! Bang! team up as superfans to discuss the musical impact of the band R.E.M. These comedians break down everything and nothing about the band’s albums, while giving listeners a good laugh.

Song Exploder – Thao Nguyen and Christian Coons

With new host Thao Nguyen and producer Christian Coons, Song Exploder explores artists’ processes in creating music. From Weezer to Peter Bjorn, musicians will deconstruct their songs and explain the process, techniques, and “light bulb” moments when creating their hit songs.

The Watt From Pedro Show – Mike Watt

American bassist Mike Watt spins records and delivers a spiel on anything from jazz to punk, while conversing with his guests about the musical history behind the albums. Each episode is three hours long and “I hope people get turned on to all kinds of trippy shit,” Watt says. “This is a fun podcast to listen to if you enjoy good music, guests, and trippy shit.

Broken Record – Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell

Listening to an album is about more than just the music, it’s about the story. Broken Record looks to the past by recalling the liner notes on albums and looking at how they would accompany the music with a backstory, history, or something entirely made up! Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell break down the stories behind current music and discuss the tales with their creators.

Heart Shaped Pod – Adam Tod Brown, Travis Clark, and Andy Sell

This crazy trio brings their listeners deep into the inner workings of the infamous 90’s grunge band, Nirvana. They talk about the music, history, and behind-the-scenes stories of the group, along with a hint of comedy.

No Effects – Jesse Cohen

Tired of hearing the same old interview questions like “where did your band’s name come from”? Jesse Cohen understands, and he has the solution. Cohen created a show that he, and other musicians, would want to actually be on. No Effects encourages open-ended conversations that help the musicians be seen in a light that they deem represents them best. If you really want to learn about your favourite artist, listen to this podcast.

Lead Singer Syndrome with Shane Told – Shane Told

Silverstein frontman Shane Told tells you what it’s like to be a lead singer. Told interviews other artists and gets their take on being in the spotlight. What are the responsibilities and lifestyle beyond being a lead? Find out on his show!