7 creative Toronto Caesars you have to try

Anyone in the mood for some liquid brunch?

Not only are Caesars a fundamental Canadian specialty, but tons of restaurants across the city are getting so creative with this tasty beverage that they’re essentially becoming actual meals. From toppings like chicken and waffles to lobster tail garnishes, this list covers the top spots in the city to indulge in a little liquid brunch.

Hunter’s Landing

One of the most well known joints in town for enjoying a crazy caesar is Hunters Landing, where you can order their famous “Landing Cure.” This tomato-filled drink is basically an entire feast since it contains two ounces of Absolut Vodka, a lobster tail, a pizza slice, aged white cheddar, bacon, fresh cut vegetables, and pickles.


Harlem Underground

At Harlem Underground, you’ll find their signature “Bloody Jerk,” which is another meal-hybrid. The beverage comes spiked with vodka, jerk bitters, Harlem hot sauce, and horseradish, but more importantly it’s garnished with a skewer of mini fried chicken and waffles, candied plantain, and a crunchy deep fried pickle.


Farmhouse Tavern

Welcome, seafood lovers! If you’re looking to impress your date with your elevated taste in food, the Farmhouse Tavern serves its own special smoked caesar that’s topped with a smoked oyster, sliced cucumber, caper berry, and freshly grated horseradish.


Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

For the bbq fanatics, you’ve got to head to Cherry Street Bar-B-Que. Grab one of their smokey caesars that come garnished with a rib, and head out to their patio or grab a side of their homemade mac & cheese. While you’re there, you’ve got to try some of their pit-smoked meats, which are fired over white oak for a unique Southern flavour.


Dundas and Carlaw

This hip Leslieville hot spot is an Eastsider’s paradise. Not only are their coffee and snack foods delicious, but they serve one of the best caesars in town under the name of “The Sleazer – Sleazee Caeser.” This cup of clamato is accompanied by two ounces of vodka and topped with a skewer of mouthwatering pepperettes and pickles.



Head to Tabülè for a Middle Eastern twist on the classic caesar. This unique twist on a Canadian favourite is spiked with Sobieski vodka, flavoured with harissa spice, and served in a sumac and za’atar rimmed glass, which adds a woodsy, lemony flavour.


John and Sons Oyster House

Where are all my bacon lovers at? Well you should be at John and Sons Oyster House sipping on their flavourful caesars. Their spicy drinks are made with a bacon and jalapeño infused vodka and even come garnished with crispy bacon. Oh, and did I mention bacon?