7 of the Best David Bowie Covers Since his Death

Paying tribute to the Starman

It’s been exactly one year today since David Bowie passed away following a battle with cancer. What seemed to have set off a chain of deaths of notable musicians, Bowie’s passing set a grim start to 2016. But out of the sadness of losing an iconic artist like Bowie, came a year of celebration.

Artists big and small took to stages and studios to record their favourite tracks to pay tribute to the man who gave us so much.

Take a look at 7 of the best David Bowie covers since his passing:

El Vy – “Let’s Dance”


Prince – “Heroes”


Choir! Choir! Choir! – “Space Oddity”


Lorde – “Life on Mars”


Michael Stipe – “The Man Who Sold the World”


Bruce Springsteen – “Rebel Rebel”


Michael C. Hall – “Lazarus”