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7 Outrageous Foods To Try At The CNE This Year

Every year you hear about the “you’ve gotta try that” food item at The CNE. This year is no different. It’s just part of the entire “EXperience”. In previous years you could taste deep fried butter, donut burgers, lobster poutines, to name a few. Here’s what we found particularly heart-stopping this year.

The Ex kicks off its 2016 season this Friday August 19 till September 5.


The Churro Cheeseburger

Epic Burger and Waffles

Churro bun, lightly seasoned all beef patty topped with American cheddar. Make it epic by adding fries and bacon.

Canadian Bacon Taco

Bacon Nation

Peameal bacon instead of a shell with pulled pork braised for 18 hours topped with mango pico and light burrito sauce.

Fried Pig Ear Sandwich

Farm to Fryer

Fried pig ear with coleslaw on a bun. Deeeee-lish.

Bug Dog

Bug Bistro

Beef dog, 15% cricket powder, free-range cricket raised outside Peterborough, crunchy coleslaw, tobasco, topped with crispy crunchy honey mustard crickets.

Chocolate Steakclair

Philthy Philly’s

Steak, provolone cheese, bacon, chocolate eclair + whipped cream. All of the YES.

Blueberry Pie Milkshakes


Blueberry pie blended into vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, blue and white sprinkles, cotton candy, smarties, a chocolate wafers stick and a slice of blueberry pie!

Sexy Surf ‘n Turf


Oven baked brioche style buns stuffed with slow cooked bison spare ribs and topped with lobster and jerk sauce.

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