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7 Songs from 80s Bands That Will Always Rule

It’s Thursday, so let’s throw it back to the 80s for a minute. Ahhh the 80s, the decade that never goes out of style – while at the same time being completely dated. Let’s add to this confusion with a smattering of classic 80s tracks that deserve our attention. In this list you’ll find lots of musical references to present day music – including artists we play on this station.

Some things age better than others and some things are just amazing in their own special way.

Platinum Blonde “It Doesn’t Really Matter” (1984)
If you like The Killers with way more glam and high drama, this is for you.

Culture Club – “Karma Chameleon” (1983)
This song is pure pop magic. A number one hit in sixteen countries.

Twisted Sister — “We’re Not Gonna Take it” (1984)
The Ramones meets 80s glam metal. Dee Snider was every parent’s worst nightmare in 1984.

a-ha – “Take On Me” (1985)
This song will still be played in bars around the world in 50 years.

Don Henley – “The Boys of Summer” (1984)
We’ve seen a revival of this sound in bands like the Arkells. Listen to the master.

The Cars – “Just What I Needed” (1978)
This song is a pure jam. Nothing more to say. Recorded in ’78 but the band continued to make hits in the 80s.

Mister Mister – “Broken Wings” (1985)
Wait is that Sting? No, it’s a complete rip-off in the form of Mister Mister. Classic 80s cheese in the best way.

Starship – We Built This City (1985)
What can we say? These guys built a city out of rock n’ roll. They win.

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