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70’s Conversation Pits Were Genius & Need To Make A Comeback

70’s Conversation Pits Used To Be All The Rage

The 70s conversation pits that were so incredibly popular back in the day are making a full comeback, and we couldn’t be more excited.

In a time where we’re all connected through social media, but feeling so disconnected, the concept of a conversation pit is a welcome design trend. Not only does it encourage communication, but most of them are also specifically designed without a television.

There should be a box at the entrance to all of them to leave your phone as well. Then we’d be really on to something.

What Is A Conversation Pit Anyways?

70s conversation pits
Image: @70sworship on Instagram

In 1927, an architect named Bruce Goff designed a home with a sunken seating area. The concept was so popular that if you fast-forward to the 50s, 60s, and 70s, these conversation pits were a part of many modern homes.

Sunken rooms and conversation pits (they’re basically the same thing, design depending) are used in both residential and commercial spaces. They’re set into the floor, and often decorated with cozy accents such as pillows and couches.

The design of the conversation pit takes you closer to eye-level of the surrounding landscape as well. Because of this, the view from any windows around the area feels more intimate.

Reasons Why The Conversation Pit Needs To Make A Comeback

70s conversation pits
Image: @dwell on Instagram

With social distancing making its impact on people’s social tendencies, things that encourage conversation and connection are at an all-time crucial level of importance.

There are a few reasons why the conversation pit fell out of popularity as a design feature. In some cases, conversation pits weren’t safe for families with young kids. Even back in the day, before helicopter parenting was a thing, parents were realizing that they had to maximize the safety of the home to ensure the safety of the kids. Some also felt that it was an outdated look.

However, these days what’s old is new! And of course with so many people so passionate about creating beautiful spaces within their homes, naturally the conversation pit is making a comeback.

It’s A Great Way To Maximize Your Space

Image: @dwell on Instagram

If you have a room that needs some separation, a conversation pit can make the most out of the space. Rather than just having a normal floor, the conversation pit can make you feel like you have a whole other room in your house.

conversation pit
Image: @jennapilant on Instagram

Add some room separators and you really do have a solution that can minimize frustration and maximize connection.

They Are More Naturally Sociable

70s conversation pits
Image: @mhairicoyledesign on Instagram

Many conversation pits are designed in a circular fashion, or in similar ways which encourage a more natural conversation. You’ve probably been in a situation where you’re sitting beside someone and needing to crane your neck and turn your head just to see them, right?

The conversation pit takes that pain out of your neck, and puts a warm cup of tea in your hand. Just the very act of walking into a slightly different level of the home can have a profound effect on communication. It can encourage deeper conversations, and also increase focus and the feeling of a “safe space”.

For those of us who are anti-social, however, I can see stepping into the conversation pit feel intimidating and challenging. Maybe that’s a good thing these days considering social anxiety is at an all time high!

Honestly, They’re Just A Cool Idea

conversation pits
Image: @orleyshabahang on Instagram

Really, they look neat and encourage human connection so what’s not to like? There may be some ideas as to why the concept fell out of style, but overall it’s a bang-up idea for interior design of a space.

If you’re into the conversation pit, and you want to find a way to get that connected feeling back in your house, feel free to follow along with the hashtag on Instagram. You’ll get some amazing ideas!

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Check these out and get your mood board started!

70s conversation pit
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70s conversation pit
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conversation pit
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70s conversation pit
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