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8 activities to keep you cool this summer in Toronto

It looks like we’re in for a pretty hot summer.

If you just can’t stand the heat anymore, no need to fear, we’ve got you covered. From going swimming to sipping on some of Toronto’s best lemonade, there are tons of ways to keep cool in this boiling hot city. Check out 8 activities to keep you cool this summer in Toronto below.

Go swimming

If you didn’t know, Lake Ontario is literally right downtown, so there are so many beaches and so much water for you to cool off in! Check out our list of the best swimming spots around the city here!

Head to the AGO

Stay cool this summer with some beautiful artwork! The AGO is an awesome spot to chill out and relax this summer. Not to mention… it has air conditioning. Plus, it now offers up free admission for visitors that are 25-years-old and under.

Eat ice cream

Toronto has SO many ice cream spots all across the city. Check out our ice cream guide that is categorized by neighbourhood to find the best place to get a cold, sweet snack!

Check out a water park

What’s more fun than beating the heat at a waterpark? This summer, check out Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto, Centreville Amusement Park, or Wonderland! The long line ups will totally be worth it once you get to cool off by sliding down a huge waterslide.

Race your pals at the 401 Mini Indy

The 401 Mini Indy located in Etobicoke is a great spot to chill with friends this summer. Let the wind rush through your helmet while racing your pals at the indoor racetrack! Check out Toronto’s fastest go-carts here!

Have a water gun fight

You are NEVER too old for a water gun fight! Gather up some buds, head to the store and grab a couple of water guns for an easy and fun way to chill out this summer!

Sip on something cold

Whether you’re an iced coffee person, a lemonade lover, or just want to hit up a patio for a drink, there are tons of places to grab an ice cold beverage to cool you down in the city.

Head to Chill Ice House

If you’re looking for a cool bar, CHILL Ice House is Canada’s first ever permanent ice lounge. It takes chilly weather and turns it into a year-round party with 185,000 pounds of ice sculptures, ice benches, a functioning ice bar, and an ice chandelier. Your drink will be so cold, you won’t even need an ice cube.

Get your laugh on at a comedy bar

Need to escape the heat altogether? Head to a comedy bar for a steady stream of laughs! When it’s just too hot to enjoy the outdoors, head to a major comedy site like Yuk Yuk’s, Second City, or Absolute Comedy to escape the blazing summer sun and have a fun time with pals.

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