8 Autumn Songs to Help You Cope with the Cold

Let these tracks soothe fall's bitter chill

Yes, it’s true: colder weather isn’t something we tend to celebrate. But there are some amazing things to look forward to about fall! Cute boots, scarves, and sweaters; delightfully crunchy and colourful leaves; eating comfort food you don’t have to feel bad about; all the new seasons of your favourite shows starting up; and last but certainly not least, Christmas is just a few months away!

If you’re still not convinced, here are some great songs about Autumn to help cheer you up.

Jake Bugg – Country Song

Simon & Garfunkel – Leaves That Are Green

The Cure – The Last Day of Summer

Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends

Broken Bells – October

The White Stripes – Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

Tom Waits – November

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather