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The 8 Best Beaches In Ontario To Visit Before Summer Is Over

Why Ontario Is A Low Key Swimmers Paradise

You might think you need to take a flight to get to a prime beach location for a break, but you don’t. Beaches in Ontario don’t get the credit that they deserve. These dazzling beaches that are so much closer to you than you might imagine will do the trick – every time.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, or even just a day-trip, here are some beautiful beaches in Ontario that are just waiting for you to enjoy before the summer is over.

The 8 Best Beaches In Ontario To Visit Before Summer Is Over

1) Cobourg Beach

This gorgeous family gathering beach has a boardwalk with picnic areas, playgrounds, and a snack bar. There’s also a ‘splash pad’ for the kids… or if you’re ready to have a water-fight with your friends.

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2) Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is a lakefront community on Lake Erie. The town itself has a small population which makes it quaint and quiet. The beach was named for the crystal clear water that you can delight in when you go. No need for a tropical destination when beaches in Ontario like this are so close to you!

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3) Grand Bend

Grand Bend is a busier, more urban beach. You can do water sports here, and there are also great options for eateries and shops to enjoy. Park an umbrella, bring a book, and enjoy the sights and sounds all around you on this entertaining and well-maintained beach.

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4) Hanlan’s Point

Hanlan’s Point is located right on Lakeshore Ave in Toronto. It’s a sandy, beautiful public option for beaches in Ontario with lifeguards available during the busy times. Hanlan’s point has a peaceful atmosphere during the week, and is also famous for the clothing-optional area.

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5) Indian Head Cove

Indian Head Cove is a white boulder beach with hiking trails and flat, limestone rocks. Located in Bruce Peninsula National Park, the beach itself is accessible via trails. Because of this, you get hiking and nature walking with your beach visit as well. Enjoy the views but make sure you do some research before you go, to see if you need to get an entry and parking pass.

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6) Lake of Two Rivers Beach

The sunsets at this beach are second-to-none. This tree-lined, sandy shore also has a kayak and canoe launch area. The pine trees here are just breathtaking, and if you’d like to stay for a bit there are camping options here as well!

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7) Port Dover

Located in Norfolk County on the north shore of Lake Erie, this quiet beach is also the site of the recurring Friday the 13th motorcycle rally. Formerly known as Dover Mills, this spot is great whether you’re going with friends or family. It’s accessible, friendly, and peaceful.

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8) Presqu’ile Provincial Park

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The beach at Presqu’ile Provincial Park also has trails, campsites, and two visitor centres.

As far as beaches in Ontario go, it’s a great place to enjoy the day, the sunset, and an added bonus is the public restrooms. Enjoy with the kids, or bring your headset and a good book and take a “me day”. You can also enjoy a wheelchair-accessible car park and entrance if that’s helpful to you.

Take this list with you on your travels, and enjoy all the beautiful beaches that Ontario has to offer before the summer is up!

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