8 delicious healthy restaurants in Toronto that won’t break your New Year’s Resolution

Breaking news: things can be healthy and taste good at the same time

Want to go out for dinner, but don’t want to break your New Year’s resolution? Well, you’re in luck.

There are tons of tasty Toronto restaurants that know just how to serve up some of the most delicious clean, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals around. From healthy meat-centric restaurants to elaborate vegan fine dining, you don’t have to eat a salad to stick to healthy eating.

Check out these eight delicious healthy restaurants in Toronto that won’t wreck your New Year’s resolution.


Local chef David Lee is trying to change your mind about vegan food with his hearty, plant-based menu and extravagantly unique creations. The expansive menu features hand-stretched pizzas, watermelon poke, eggplant lasagna, coconut ceviche, and more. This Toronto spot is so good, it even expanded to have a location in Miami Beach, Florida.

Guu Izakaya

Is it even possible to go wrong with Japanese food? Guu Izakaya is one of seven restaurants owned by the Kinka family in Toronto, so these guys definitely know what they’re doing. Guu uses some of the freshest ingredients you’ll find in Toronto, and the restaurant prides itself on being all about “community and bonding.”


Bloor St. West vegan bakery and sandwich shop, Bloomer’s, is renowned across the city for its dairy-free, egg-free, and sometimes even gluten-free recipes. Most of the recipes are family hand-me-downs that owners Kelly Sprague and Alex Dodd turned vegan, so the food is both hearty and healthy. From a tempeh reuben to mac & cheese and everything in between, there’s a meal to satisfy your every craving at this health-conscious food joint.

The Beet

The Beet serves up a range of organic vegan, vegetarian, and meat options and they constantly source the most local and organic ingredients available. The restaurant aims to support local farmers by cooking with fresh, local produce whenever possible. Vegans and meat-eaters can come together to appreciate a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle at this tasty Toronto spot.

Live Organic Food Bar

Live Organic Food Bar is all about plants after committing to sustainable organic farmers for 17 years now. Their menu is entirely organic, gluten-free, and wheat-free, and not one meal on their menu contains refined sugars. All the food here is raw, and from burgers to smoothies, Live Organic Food Bar truly knows how to make good tasting meals that are good for you, too.

Hello 123

Hello123 is another plant-based restaurant and bar serving up tasty, unique vegetarian dishes like watermelon ceviche and messy home fries topped with cashew cream, avocado, sunflower crumble, lime, and more. The restaurant was created by the same people behind Kupfert & Kim, so they know how to serve up elaborate, fresh, and locally sourced dishes.


Fresh focuses on modern vegan and vegeterian food, and they even offer up a line of raw, organic cold pressed juice. Their in-house, plant-based meals are satisfying, energizing, and delicious. With a menu ranging from comfort food classics like burgers and onion rings, to traditionally healthy meals like noodle and rice bowls, you’ll never run out of things to try at this local staple.

District Eatery

District Eatery revolves around clean eating, and prides themselves as Toronto’s healthiest cocktail bar. This restaurant is constantly serving up a variety of healthy options like vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu items, as well as clean meat-based meals such as the Piri Piri roasted half chicken or the superfood fish & chips.
Lead photo courtesy of Planta.