8 Great Spots In Toronto You Can Have A Bonfire


Nothing says summer like a bonfire on the beach, at the park, or frankly, anywhere you’re with your friends and sipping on refreshments. In a concrete city like Toronto, it’s easy to assume there’s not many places one can build a fire – but believe it or not, Toronto has lots of great spots to do so. All you need is a permit (which is easier to get than you think) and you’re golden!

Call 416-396-7378 and select 2 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to request for a permit and include the fire pit location you’re interested in. There is a fee for the fire pit and mandatory insurance. Below is our list of favourite spots to host a bonfire, why not try one out and see for yourself!

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Trillium Park

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Not only is Trillium Park’s fire pit one of the largest in the city, the space provides stunning views of the sunset and Toronto skyline. This isn’t the spot for swimming, but it is the spot for lounging, hanging with friends, and taking it easy.

Christie Pits Park

The real question is, what can’t you do at Christie Pits? Swimming, biking, climbing, strolling – the space is endless to explore. One things for certain, a bonfire is definitely not a bad idea. Best part is, this location allows you to book year ’round.

Centre Island


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It doesn’t get any more scenic than Toronto Island! Luckily, there are tons of fire pits all over the island. One of the more popular places to hangout is Centre Island, where you can check out the rides, rent bikes, and of course, have a bonfire.

Hanlan’s Point

Hanlan’s point is rumoured to have one of the best scenic views in the city; it’s all sand and sky. Why not cross over on the ferry and make a trip to Toronto island, where you can sprawl out on the beach with a couple friends and start a (completely legal) fire.

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Corktown Common

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Corktown Common is an oasis amongst the concrete, the space often hosts outdoor movie nights and is a great spot for relaxed hangouts with friends. It’s hardly a bad spot to rent a fire pit, in fact, it’s probably one of the better ones!

Olympic Island

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Yet another spot amongst Toronto island, you’re guaranteed a great fire pit with stunning views of the skyline. Just think – friends, fire, refreshments, and a gorgeous summer night. What more could you want?


Taylor Creek Park


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Taylor Creek Park has endless trails to explore, stunning greenery, and places to build a bonfire. Lounge in the grass, watch the sunset, and get lit – we mean the fire, or you, or both.

Snake Island


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Take a seat in a lounge chair or at a picnic table and take in the sweet summer air. Another Toronto Island option, the city’s across the lake and the bonfire’s right in front of you… ahhh, summer.

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