The Most Scenic Spring Hikes Near Toronto

Spring has arrived and we're ready to hike!

With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, it’s safe to say spring has finally arrived! This means no more hiding in your tiny apartment from the brutal Canadian winter, it’s time to get out of hibernation mode and experience the great outdoors!

And of course, half the fun in hiking is capturing the sights along the way. Be ready to snap (and share!) with the revolutionary camera on the Galaxy S9. Happy trails!

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High Park is recognized for its beautiful cherry blossoms, but its hiking trails are just as amazing! Take a stroll, explore the park and gain a whole new perspective of the area.


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Scarborough Bluffs provides a stunning view of our very own Lake Ontario! Climb to the top of the cliffs and take in the crystal blue waters. You won’t believe you’re in the GTA!


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Dundas Peak is nothing short of spectacular, as you reach the highest peak and stand (or sit) on the edge – you’ll find yourself yourself feeling accomplished amidst some gorgeous scenery!!


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Check out this trail for a combination of natural and urban scenery, as some of the recent bridges across the trail are covered in graffiti. The spot is also a source of history, as the mill here provided wood to build some of the oldest structures in Toronto!


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This lush trail is located in North Toronto, nestled within one of the city’s beautiful neighbourhoods, Forest Hill. Explore the area and you’ll find tall trees and comfortable shade. The Beltine Trail provides an easier stroll for those with young families or eager puppies.


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A wonderful spot full of ravines, maple and pine trees, Edwards Gardens is one of the more secluded trails in the city. The area is perfect for a long stroll, just keep an eye out for foxes and other little creatures!


The Don Valley trails are parallel to the city, yet are entirely secluded from Toronto’s hustle and bustle. The area is a 32-km stretch starting at the Oak Ridges Moraine down to Lake Ontario. Choose one of the many trails in advance or wander adventurously!


This stunning spot features lengthy bridges, flowing rivers, and trees three times your size! Located not far from Toronto, this is one trail everyone should explore at least once.

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