8 NHL Players that are also Musicians

Your favourite NHL players show you their musical skills

They’re known for their on-ice excellence but don’t let the equipment fool you. Once they take off their skates and leave the rink they’re regular people just like everyone else.

These eight NHL’ers also know a thing or two about playing music:

1. #19 on your Toronto Maple Leafs, Joffery Lupul knows a thing or two about playing some Tragically Hip on his acoustic guitar.

2. We learned in the HBO series NHL 24/7 that (King) Hendrik Lundquist of the New York Rangers isn’t too shabby on the guitar either.

3. Vancouver Canucks’ latest addition Ryan Miller proves Lundquist isn’t the only goalie that can play the six string.

4. The Buffalo Sabres’ Drew Stafford brings the noise with his love for metal.

5. Kris Versteeg from the Chicago Blackhawks is essentially a full blown Hip-Hop artist.

6. The biggest man to ever play hockey, Zdeno Chara, isn’t afraid to get behind the kit.

7. Everyone on the 2014 Russian Olympic Team has the voice of an angel.

8. And finally Canadian legend Don Cherry is unreal at playing his piano desk.


Johnny Bower is super famous for doing this: