8 of the best Hidden Tracks on CDs

The hidden gems of your favourite albums

We all love a good CD and the physical sense of holding the music in our hands, but wait, what is that?

Some of our favourite artists loved to fool us and sneak songs into their CDs without listing it on the tracklist and some of these are our favourites. Sometimes, tracks ran as short as 20 seconds, whereas others clocked in as long as 3 minutes, but these hidden gems were the best little surprises.

Check out some of the top hidden tracks on CDs below.

Nirvana – “Endless, Nameless”

One of the most famous hidden tracks of all time appears on Nirvana’s album, Nevermind. You had to wait about 10 minutes after the album was done and then this song would come on, complete with some guitar wailing and screeching. It has been said that the engineer working on the album left the song off the record, and Kurt Cobain was so upset that he made him add it onto the record and leave 10 minutes in between tracks. Some of the albums actually don’t have the track on it, as the earliest versions and later versions don’t, so if you have a copy that features “Endless, Nameless” you’re a lucky one.

Green Day – “All by Myself”

Green Day has always been evolving and changing right in front of our eyes, but they have somehow stuck to their roots right when we needed them. At the end of their Dookie album, there is an acoustic track called “All by Myself.” For this one, you have to wait about 2 minutes after “FOD” is done, and then you will be blessed with this little tune that is all about loving yourself. It brings us back to classic pop-punk Green Day, and it’s truly a feel good song to end off the album.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Poor Song”

Upon the release of their debut album, this group was already sneaking songs into their CDs. At the end of the album Fever to Tell, this slow song comes in contrast with the rest of their upbeat and hard tracks that make up this debut sound. The song itself is raw, and you can hear them building it up at the beginning, which is super cool to hear. It seems like a lot of these tracks are added to make for a lighthearted ending to a heavier record.

The Clash – “Train in Vain”

This hidden track actually wasn’t supposed to be hidden at all! It was just added so last minute that it wasn’t featured on the tracklist or in the lyrics inside the sleeve. It was meant to be used in a contest, but the decision fell through, so they added it onto London Calling after the artwork had already gone out to the printers. This was later changed so that it was added onto the tracklist and included in the lyrics in future editions of the album.

Beck – “Diamond Bullocks”

This song is a mutant, just like the title of the album suggests. Mutations houses this killer track at the very end of the original album release, at around 6 minutes into “Static.” Beck says that the song was made by bringing 8 different tunes together one night and just loving the result. The song has now been listed on multiple versions of the album, but the original still holds that sweet secret charm.

Wilco – “Candyfloss”

Summerteeth was a pretty outstanding album, and this song does not disappoint. Hidden about 23 seconds after the last track on the record, which is named “23 Seconds of Silence,” the song comes in with a fun and wild instrumental battle. This track is just so feel good, you can imagine yourself hanging with your friends in the summer and listening to it. Definitely a killer hidden track that is now available to all.

Counting Crows – “Big Yellow Taxi”

This famous cover was actually released before it came out with the lovely Vanessa Carlton. It was first hidden after the track “Holiday in Spain” on Counting Crows’ Hard Candy album and was then re-released with the do bop bop bops for the film it was meant to be in, Two Weeks Notice. The Joni Mitchell cover is now available on the album as the re-released film version, but we will never forget the original cover in its raw and hidden glory.

Guster – “Two at a Time”

This gorgeous track concludes the Keep it Together album and wraps it up perfectly. It comes up after the 30 seconds of silence at the end of the tracklist, and is appropriately named “Silence.” Unfortunately, the hidden track is not featured on their album that features a cat meowing the vocals to all of the songs on Keep it Together, but it is still amazing. They also occasionally play the song live, so that would be a nice hidden treat!