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8 places worth travelling to for a unique cocktail

For those looking to travel with purpose, we’ve got you covered. Beat winter boredom by packing your suitcase and heading to some of the world’s most-desired locations and experience the local cocktail scene.

Sip German beers from a litre stein, experience the Portuguese staple Porto Tónico, or familiarize yourself with Croatia’s criminally underrated wine scene. There’s truly something for everyone with the following eight trips.

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Italy | Aperol Spritz

Ingredients: prosecco, Aperol, soda water, orange wedge/ peel for garnish.

The Aperol Spritz was invented in Italy in the 1950s. The stunning, eye-catching, orange cocktail is the perfect summer drink and is a staple of Italian terrazzas. Not too sweet with a balanced bitterness, this low alcohol cocktail is often imitated but nothing compares to a true Italian-made Aperol Spritz.

Try it on: Simply Italy

France | Champagne Cocktail

Ingredients: champagne, sugar cube, bitters, brandy (optional), orange or lemon twist.

This classic French cocktail was invented in the early 1800s. The Champagne Cocktail is similar to a mimosa, making it suitable for any time of the day although it’s an ideal cocktail to enjoy on a beautiful night out in Paris! The key to perfecting this cocktail is using real French champagne and enjoying it nice and cold.

Try it on: European Discovery

Portugal | Porto Tónico

Ingredients: white Port wine, tonic water, lemon slice, mint.

The Porto Tónico aka the Port and Tonic is a staple of life in Portugal. Enjoyed in the early evening, after work, at fancy dinners and at the beach, its a perfect cocktail for all events! This super refreshing cocktail takes the famous Portuguese wine and brings it up to another level!

Try it on: Portugal City & Surf

Croatia | Wine

Ones to try: Posip, Graševina, Plavac Mali, Babi?.

While Italian and French wines get a lot of praise, Croatian wines are amazing as well! Many Croatian wines are not sold around the world making them very exclusive. With unique flavours, you need to travel to try them out!

Try it on: Croatian Islands & National Parks

Morocco | Mint Tea

Ingredients: green tea, spearmint, sugar.

This non-alcoholic option is good enough to convert even coffee lovers to tea! The soothing tea is good on its own or sweetened with a dash of sugar. Often brewed in engraved Moroccan teapots and served in tea glasses, this beverage is ideal for entertaining, before or after big meals, and even before bed.

Try it on: Spain, Morocco & Portugal

Peru | Pisco / Colca Sour

Ingredients: pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, egg white, bitters.

The Pisco/Colca Sour originated in Lima and gained popularity in the 1920s. Known as Peru’s signature drink, this cocktail is perfect for any occasion! The Colca Sour version is made near Colca Canyon and uses sancayo juice instead of lime but what makes it so unique is the Pisco brandy. Whiskey sours have nothing on this Peruvian cocktail!

Try it on: Peru Uncovered

Czech Republic | Absinthe

Ingredients: absinthe, sugar cube, fire, water

This high alcohol cocktail is known as ‘the green fairy’ due to its potential hallucinogenic effects as a result of the wormwood. There is a lot of folklore and legend behind the experience of drinking this cocktail properly. They sugar cube is dosed in absinthe, then set aflame. Once it melts it is combined with water and is ready to sip!

Try it on: Eastern Road

Germany | Hofbräuhas Stein

Ones to try: Weissbier, Pilsner, Dunkel

The German Beerhall experience is unlike anything else in the world. Communal seating, drinking songs, amazing food, and giant beers make this experience a must when travelling in Germany. Litre steins are normal for beer sizes in Germany and the stein makes the experience much better than a regular old beer glass. Something magical about the beer in Germany is that it doesn’t give you a hangover! Some say its the lack of preservatives or just the magic of the stein!

Try it on: Oktoberfest

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