8 Ridiculous Tour Riders

Bowl of pistachios - green only

A tour rider is a list of requests a musician or band has for the venue they are playing. Some bands get a little out of hand when they can ask for anything they want. Here are 8 ridiculous tour rider requests:

Moby keeps it fresh

I am a full grown adult and I have still never had to buy my own socks or underwear because every year Santa puts them in my stocking. That’s why I can appreciate Moby’s request for 10 white cotton crew cut socks and 10 white cotton boxer briefs at every venue he plays.

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Mary J. Blige’s first class a$$

Ever think about how disgusting it is that your butt and a gross stranger’s butt have touched the same surface? Same with Mary J. Blige! She used to make every venue she played provide a brand new toilet seat on the dressing room toilet.

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Prince’s Lucky Charms

The Zolas once played a venue the night after Prince was there and claim he left a box of Lucky Charms behind. They then crumpled them up and sprinkled them on their audience as if it was some sort of magical fairy dust.

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Johnny Cash’s Patriotism

Johnny Cash is a man who loves his country, that’s why he needed an American flag in full view of every audience member at every venue.

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The Ruff Ryder Essentials

The Ruff Ryder himself, DMX, knows how to party. Among his requests, he needs 24 juice boxes, and then three boxes of condoms. That’s how Ruff Ryders roll.

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Bob Dylan appreciates atmosphere

In my humble opinion, a room with warm lighting is widely unappreciated. Not for Bob Dylan though — his dressing room must be lit with incandescent light bulbs, and also be carpeted.

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The Beach Boys have particular taste

The Beach Boys are high society. They need a bowl of pistachios, but not any red ones. They also require a masseuse (trained in either Swedish or Oriental deep muscle massage) to be on call during the day of the concert and if the band has a day off in the city.


Slayer takes the cake

Slayer wins this list with the craziest requests including blood proof umbrellas, 50,000 live bees, 100 snow-white goats for slaughter, a Zamboni with a full tank, and of course four Lite-Brites.

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Arcade Fire’s faux requests

Also, remember Arcade Fire’s ridiculous tour rider? Matt and I made that whole thing up on my 1992 version of Photoshop.

(Main photo: Ruth Hartnup)