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8 Surefire Signs that You’re Ready to Move in Together

With rent prices being obscenely high, moving in together has become a popular way to afford Toronto life. Before you take that leap, though, considering the following items.

Half of your stuff is already at your S/O’s place

Your spare tooth brush has been occupying space in your significant other’s bathroom and you already have a designated drawer filled with everyday outfits. You’ve been living there for the past six months, so why not make the leap?


You’ve talked about money/budgeting

You’ve already talked about your monetary plans, including perhaps a car, a new couch, or even a joint chequing account. If these plans have already been made, you’re on the path to cohabitation.


You’ve already been splitting bills

You split the car payments, your phone bills, and maybe even groceries. Add rent to the mix and you’re ready for maximum adulting.


You’re not doing it to fix your relationship

This is a major don’t. If you’ve both been rolling through a rough patch and somehow come up with the idea of moving in together to save your relationship, back peddle on that thought. Imagine being thrown into a tiny apartment where you’re forced to share a bed and your S/O turns out to be messier than you thought and…just don’t.


You have become masters at resolving arguments

This is a key factor to being able to successfully live together. If you know how to solve arguments so that each person can go to bed at night peacefully and with sugar plum thoughts, than you’ve already aced half the challenge of becoming common law.


You know each other down to the dirty core

And I mean dirty, dirty core. Like, one person pees while the other showers dirty. If you’re going to live together, you’re going to be around that person all the time, all bodily functions included. If you can accept that, you’re ready for the next step.


Your goals & aspirations align

If you’re going to share your life and space with someone, it’s imperative to make sure you both have the same goals in life. Make sure everything is worked out prior to moving in, such as the timeline, where you both want to be a few years from now, etc.


You really like each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company

This one’s a given. If you’re going to spend the greater part of your life with another person, especially for those of you locked up in 350-square feet apartments, you might want to make sure you actually like the person you’re with.

Feature photo courtesy Neda Andel via Flickr.

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